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(Warning: The following contains potential — albeit theoretical — SPOILERS for future episodes of 'Supergirl' and other CW-affiliated superhero shows. Proceed with whatever level of caution that suggests is wise.)

Now, with the recent news that CBS' Supergirl has indeed been renewed — just not by CBS — bringing joy to the hearts of millions of super-fans the world over, it's well past time to start speculating about just what the show's move will mean. Y'see, Supergirl hasn't just decamped to any old network — it's now going to be on The CW, alongside longtime superheroic shows like Arrow and The Flash, and fellow freshman Legends of Tomorrow (collectively known to many as the Flarrowverse). Which is, actually, kind of a huge deal.

The big question now, then?

What Does Supergirl's Arrival On The CW Mean For The Flarrowverse?

And, indeed, what does that network switch mean for Supergirl itself?

Let's take a look at five key possibilities.

First up?

5. We Could See a Whole Lot More Crossing Over

One of the biggest practical changes that Supergirl's shift to The CW will bring is the show's filming location will shift from Los Angeles to Vancouver, where the rest of the CW's superhero stable are produced. Now, that was due to happen anyway — it's an effective cost-cutting measure — but with Supergirl now set to be screened alongside the Flarrowverse, the shared location will likely spur a major increase in the number of crossover events.

What's more, there's now a much greater likelihood of us seeing some version of DC Comics' iconic Infinite Crisis in the near future, something that The Flash has been teasing right from the get-go. After all, nothing says "major event" quite like four shows all crossing over with one another, and potentially destroying a universe or two along the way.

Speaking of which:

4. We Could See Supergirl Change Worlds Entirely

Y'see, were DC and The CW to go down the route of a major, status quo-shifting event, it's entirely possible that we could see something near-unprecedented in TV history happen: We could see Supergirl's entire universe destroyed, or somehow cast adrift, and have her wind up in the same reality as the rest of the CW.

If, for instance, Supergirl's supporting cast were to start to test badly with audiences, or ask for too much money, there's now always the get-out option of Supergirl being forced to watch her entire world be destroyed — or, perhaps, of her being exiled from it for some reason, and ending up protecting an entirely different version of National City, with entertainingly different versions of the characters we know and love. She does work best as a fish out of water, after all.

Even if nothing that abrupt happens, though...

3. We Could See Some Major Casting Changes

THR is currently reporting that Calista Flockhart — who was apparently reluctant to work away from LA — has agreed to stay with the show; but with cost-cutting likely to be a key concern as the show adapts to a new, lower-budgeted network, she may not return with all of her former co-stars.

What's more, there's always the possibility that a character or two will be exported to the show from the Flarrowverse, in order to give it a dose of CW-ification. Could a Legend of Tomorrow somehow end up in Supergirl's universe, perhaps — or a member of Team Flash?


2. We Could See a Whole Lot More 'Super' Stuff

The Flash and Arrow have long avoided anything more than a hint of Superman-related content — with the hero being kept largely separate from the Flarrowverse's workings. With Supergirl's transfer though, a whole lot of the Super-mythos has suddenly been opened up.

Could we perhaps see elements of Superman's story emerge in Arrow or The Flash — or even Kara getting the chance to mentor a youthful Superman, as she was originally sent to do in her own universe?

And, finally...

1. We Could Finally See a Super-Team Emerge

Should Supergirl somehow find herself in the Flarrowverse proper, that might just prove the tipping point for the universe's largely lone heroes. Could we perhaps see the three lead heroes — and a select band of others — form their very own super-team, as part of a subtle, non-conflicting cross-promotion for Justice League?

A shiny, CW-based Justice Society, perhaps? We do already have a Hawkgirl, after all.

The big question now, though?

What do YOU think?


Will Supergirl get even better by moving to the CW?


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