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There has been an enormous amount of internet chatter of varying tones since the divisive Rocky Horror Picture Show remake was cast, and now fans of the forward-thinking musical masterpiece can cast their analytical eyes over the new incarnation of the sweet transvestite Transylvanian and his campy chums.

So without further ado, "Let's Do The Time Warp Again" and see if the remake's reimagined characters will "Rose Tint [Our] World" or leave us immediately thinking "I'm Going Home."

But, before we dive on in, let's remind ourself of the visual aesthetics of the original in the classic (and my favorite) track below:

Brad and Janet

Actors: Ryan McCartan (Brad) and Victoria Justice (Janet)

McCartan's incarnation of Brad shares the glasses and the hairdo with Barry Bostwick's iconic portrayal of the clean-cut American kid, but he has taken formal wear to a whole new level.

The button-up blue dress that Justice is rocking is clearly a homage to Janet's prudish style before she embraces her sexuality and become the horny heroine that we know and love.

Dr. Frank-N-Furter and Dr. Scott

Actors: Laverne Cox (Dr. Frank-N-Furter) and Ben Vereen (Dr. Scott)

Cox's black leather ensemble is clearly a homage to Frank-N-Furter's iconic wardrobe, but the hair and polished makeup are a real departure from the Transylvanian transvestite's charmingly haphazard look. This was the character that they really had to nail, and I'm not sure this high-school-prop-department-meets-bondage-basement combo achieved that.

Sure, Dr. Scott looks like he has some scraps of carpet haphazardly stuck to his face as eyebrows, but at least they payed homage to his foppish style and tartan blanket in the outfit I guess.

Riff Raff, Columbia, Janet, Brad And Magenta

Actors: Reeve Carney (Riff Raff), Annaleigh Ashford (Columbia) and Christina Milian (Magenta)

Unrealistic beauty standards of the modern age mean that Riff Raff's bald dome with greasy, white hair tentacles is no longer camera-worthy, apparently. Instead, Carney's version sports a sort of 2004 Myspace scene kid homage.

Columbia's insatiable passion for all things sparkly also seems to have been tossed to one side in favor of a more "rocker" look, but that sassy facial impression implies the signature attitude has survived intact.

The maid outfit is here to stay for Magenta, which makes sense seeing as her full character name is "Magenta – A Domestic," but they have taken the color of her hair a bit more literally this time around.


Actor: Staz Nair (Rocky)

Fox decided to ditch Rocky's signature peroxide locks, despite the fact that Justin Bieber has recently shown us they are totally on trend, but at least the buff body and bemused facial expression seem to be on point.

All in all, a B– for effort, but the whole wardrobe and set situ has a distinctly "school play" vibe about it to me. I guess we will just have to wait for the quality of the performances to see how this potential hot mess will turn out. After all, the original Rocky Horror Picture Show stunned with a slim budget, so maybe these guys can too!

Do you think the new Rocky Horror Picture Show will do the original justice?

(Source: Entertainment Weekly)


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