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Our new Batman is now moonlighting as a gun for hire on the side, working for some of America's most dangerous criminal organizations — well, that is, according to the new trailer for Ben Affleck's next movie at least.

The Accountant follows the story of an unusual, well, accountant named Christian Wolff, whose illegal shenanigans are investigated by the Treasury Department’s Crime Enforcement Division. As they begin to close in on him, Wolff takes on a legitimate client to throw the investigators off the scent, but, because it's an Affleck film, the body count inevitably starts to rise.

It's about time we had a decent crime thriller hit cinemas and The Accountant certainly looks promising, so check out the teaser below and then join us as we break down the trailer's key moments.

Daddy Issues

The trailer opens with Affleck's character Wolff sitting in a car with his father, learning some pretty harsh life lessons. Daddy Wolff explains:

"You're different. [...] Sooner or later, difference scares people... call you a freak."

While this initial voice-over sounds more like it came from an X-Men movie than a serious crime thriller, this opening sets the tone for the rest of the trailer, establishing Affleck's character as someone special and far removed for the norm.

If I were Wolff though, I'd probably wish that my father had suffered a similar fate to Bruce Wayne's parents after that loving speech.

He's Kind Of A Big Deal

Warner Bros
Warner Bros

As the trailer continues, the nature of Wolff's developmental disorder begins to become apparent, handily explained by a medical expert who explains that the boy probably has, "More in common with Einstein, Mozart, and Picasso than he does with us."

That's actually pretty impressive, like, that's the kind of thing my mom would say about me, except that this is actually legit, from a doctor and everything.

Yes, we know.
Yes, we know.

By intercutting between Wolff's childhood and the present day, we start to see how his "highly advanced cognitive skills and obsessive personality" will shape Affleck's take on the character for the majority of the film.

'Maybe He’s Capable Of Much More Than We Know'

JK Simmons
JK Simmons

Next up, we're introduced to J.K. Simmons, who plays Ray King, the lead investigator assigned to bring Wolff to justice. In the teaser, Simmons explains that Wolff is so intelligent that he successfully managed to steal millions from the Sinaloa drug cartel and get out alive.

Simmons is still riding high fresh off his success at the Oscars last year, winning Best Supporting Oscar for his role in Whiplash, so his involvement in The Accountant certainly lends the film some prestige.

Sausage Fest

Anna Kendrick
Anna Kendrick

While the trailer is light on the feminine touch, Anna Kendrick does appear briefly, questioning Wolff's methods as his secrets are gradually exposed.

Presumably, Kendrick's role will be beefed up considerably in the final cut, as she is the film's female lead, not to mention one of the most bankable names in the cast. Kendrick has steadily built up a good reputation in smaller or more commercial fare, so will it be interesting to see her perform alongside the likes of Affleck and Simmons in a serious drama.

Rain Man This Ain't

Warner Bros.
Warner Bros.

Obviously, as The Accountant is a crime thriller, the guns had to pop up sooner or later, so as the teaser builds to a climax, quick-fire editing cuts between the violence, dark music and Wolff drumming his fingers against a table like some deranged Rain Man.

The artistic direction of this sequence looks promising and the intensity of the trailer's climax should drum up more excitement for those who were perhaps put off by the gradual character-based build up.

Not sure if that blowing the knuckles thing is going to catch on though.

A Bevy Of Talent

Directed by Gavin O’Connor, the director behind Warrior (amazing) and Jane Got A Gun, The Accountant also features a host of other fine character actors, including Jon Bernthal, Jeffrey Tambor and John Lithgow, so hopes are high for this one when it's released on October 14.

Let's just hope the critics like it more than Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice.

Are you excited to see The Accountant?


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