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(Warning: The following contains potential — albeit theoretical — SPOILERS for future DC films, and in particular the recently semi-officially announced 'Booster Gold' movie. Proceed with whatever level of theoretical caution that suggests to you is wise.)

Now, with DC television savant Greg Berlanti (the man behind Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl) having recently semi-officially revealed that fan favorite DC hero Booster Gold is — as was previously rumored — set to get his own solo movie in the DC movie universe, it's now finally — finally — time to start getting completely overexcited by the prospect of seeing Booster on the big screen.

That, though, isn't the only ridiculously good news that Berlanti's announcement brings. Y'see...

Booster Gold's Solo Movie Could Be Set To Launch DC's Movie Multiverse

Y'see, while Berlanti's recent interview with THR may have only technically confirmed that a Booster Gold movie is in development (and being written by Zack Stentz, who has previously written for Berlanti's The Flash), it also seemed to suggest that Berlanti himself could be set to direct, should the project make it all the way to the big screen.

Now, for any big-time fans of DC's Multiverse — the "cosmic construct" that connects the publishers' multiple fictional realities — there are three key reasons why that's a pretty big deal. First up?

3. Berlanti Is Exactly The Guy DC Would Hire To Bring The DC Multiverse To The Big Screen

He is, after all, probably the only guy around with both expertise in connecting multiple comic book universes together (just take a look at The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow's universe and time-hopping escapades, or THAT Supergirl crossover) and experience working with the DC universe on the big screen (he wrote and produced Green Lantern, but don't hold it against him).

Were the folks at DC looking for someone to bring the separate strands of the DC on-screen multiverse together — something that would surely involve a visit to the CW's Flarrowverse in some fashion — then Berlanti would be the obvious choice.

What's more...

2. Booster Gold Is The Obvious Choice For A Movie To Explore the Multiverse Within

Booster, after all, isn't just a disgraced athlete from the 25th century who turned up in the present day seeking fame, fortune and the life of a superhero — he's also one of DC's most time-and-universe-hopping, snark-quipping, gloriously "meta" heroes of all time.

In other words? If DC (and, more importantly, its parent company Warner Bros.) is looking for a Deadpool-like project that will not only please fans and push the boundaries of superhero cinema a little, but also make a ridiculous amount of money, then Booster Gold is a pretty solid choice.

Of course, there's also the fact that...

1. Greg Berlanti May Already Have Teased That The Multiverse Is On Its Way

Y'see, as part of that same interview with THR, Berlanti revealed that he would have some serious trouble directing a movie version of The Flash. The reason?

"No one's discussed that with me, but I could never direct a 'Flash' movie that Grant Gustin wasn't the lead of. He's my Flash."

Now on the one hand, that makes a whole lot of sense — after all, Berlanti and Gustin are now two years into a highly successful working relationship, and it makes sense that there'd be a lot of loyalty there. On the other hand, though, the very nature of Berlanti's response could be (admittedly, broadly) interpreted as suggesting that Gustin could, one day, end up on the big screen. He's Berlanti's Flash — and Ezra Miller is the DCEU's — but that doesn't preclude the possibility that they could both share the screen someday.

What's more, with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice seemingly revealing that Miller's Flash has the ability to travel back in time — in that probably-not-a-dream-sequence — it doesn't seem all that implausible that there could be plans afoot to bring both Flashes to the screen at the same time. After all, if The Flash can time travel, DC is clearly willing to bring big, abstract sci-fi concepts to the big screen — quite possibly in Booster Gold. After all, what better way to highlight the nature of the Multiverse for a big screen audience than to throw the most prominent of DC's small-screen heroes into the mix?

Now, of course, there's always the possibility that absolutely none of that will come to be — and that Booster Gold will simply be a time-travel romp about a wise-talking egotist from the future.

But there's always hope.

What do you think, though?


Will we see multiple versions of The Flash turn up in the DCEU?

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