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David Lynch and Mark Frost's cult classic Twin Peaks is scheduled to come back in style in 2017, but sadly, one character who was meant to feature will not be able to return as planned. Beloved British musician David Bowie passed away earlier this year, leaving behind a revolutionary career in both music and film. Bowie's quirky style and otherworldly appearance lent themselves perfectly to the Twin Peaks universe, as demonstrated in his brief appearance in the show's 1992 spin-off movie Fire Walk With Me.

David Bowie's Agent Phillip Jeffries. [Credit: New Line Cinema]
David Bowie's Agent Phillip Jeffries. [Credit: New Line Cinema]

In a Dallas News interview with Harry Goaz — the actor behind the endearingly slow Deputy Andy Brennan — it was revealed that Bowie was set to have a cameo role in the new series. However, due to the extreme secrecy around the project, no one is quite sure yet what the extent of his role would have been.

We do know that the iconic celebrity was set to reprise his brief but memorable role as Agent Phillip Jeffries from Fire Walk With Me. Check out the trailer below:

Ushering in one of the film's most surreal scenes, Bowie's character appears in the hallway, brushing past Special Agent Dale Cooper's image on a security camera, while Cooper himself watches, shocked, from the security room.

From what we can gather from the scene, Agent Phillip Jeffries has been missing for about two years before his dramatic appearance, he has a southern accent, and he doesn't want to talk about Judy. He points at Cooper saying, "Who do you think this is there?" before the scene shifts to blurred images from the Black Lodge featuring The Man From Another Place and Killer BOB, with narration from Bowie. And then — puff — Agent Jeffries disappears, never to be seen again.

David Bowie in 'Fire Walk With Me.' [Credit: New Line Cinema]
David Bowie in 'Fire Walk With Me.' [Credit: New Line Cinema]

The amount of questions we're left with from this scene alone is staggering, and it's likely Bowie's cameo in the new series would have helped to clear up yet another wonderful and strange Twin Peaks riddle.

Filming on the Twin Peaks revival has been shrouded in the mystery of the Douglas Firs, but we will see it again — after 27 years, as Laura Palmer famously predicted — sometime in early 2017 on Showtime. Both David Lynch and Mark Frost are back writing the script, with Lynch also directing, while much of the core cast is also set to return, including Kyle MacLachlan as Special Agent Dale Cooper.

What do you think Bowie's Agent Phillip Jeffries's role would have been in the Twin Peaks revival?

 [Credit: New Line Cinema]
[Credit: New Line Cinema]

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