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It's been almost 20 years since Buffy Summer and her hoard of helpers drove a stake into '90s pop culture in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and, despite the time passed, that stake still stays. The show balanced fighting a menageries of bizarre baddies with the trials and tribulations of high school woes — from mean girls, to best friends, to confusing romances, to infuriating responsibilities — all while maintaining a strong AF dress game.

The one thing everyone in this scary, and often hilarious, series had in common though, was an endless stream of sass. Yet, in this infinite sea of quotability, nobody quite brought that sass home like Buffy Summers.

8 Buffy Summers Quotes You Need For Everyday Situations

1. For when someone won't stop talking sh*t

2. For when people just don't get how clearly disturbed a bitch is

3. For when people bring the zzz

4. For when you literally cannot handle how dense a person can be

5. For when you're too busy to care

6. For when you've told them countless times not to, but they still do

7. For when you're pressured into socializing at work

8. For when you just need to do you

What's your favorite Buffy Summers quote?


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