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Hayden Panettiere has sought more treatment for postpartum depression just a few days after Mother's Day, an occasion that is considered a trigger for relapses by many postnatal depression charities.

The 26-year-old Nashville fan-favorite has been doing her best to raise the profile of the struggle some new moms go through with the often stigmatized disease; and in true form, she was totally candid when she told her fans she felt she needed more help. The Twitter post announcing the sad news reads:

Just a couple of weeks before (and almost a week early for Mother's Day), Hayden shared a snap of her snuggling up to her own mother when she was just a tiny toddler. The simple message of " are the best!!!!" is clearly a celebration of the strength of all the moms out there and their ability to shape their little ones' lives.

Although it's sad that Panettiere is still struggling with postpartum depression, it's so courageous of her to notice she is resorting to "unhealthy coping mechanisms" and once more submit herself to the often grueling process of therapy.

Focusing on her mental health right now is definitely the best thing Panettiere can do for herself, her husband Wladimir Klitschko, and baby Kaya. Just like she asked for in her Twitter post, I wish her all the luck in the world.

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