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When True Blood first came out back in 2008, it shocked audiences all over the world with its bigger and bolder approach to the vampire genre. Soaked with gory blood-baths, raunchy sex scenes and overwhelmingly direct dialogue, this was a show that proved to be a world away from the sparking supernatural aura of Twilight we had been plunged into in previous years.

Yet, although the series bid us a fine farewell in 2013 after seven spectacular seasons, nothing could make us forget the ridiculously seductive vamps that made the show what it was.

And to celebrate this very fact, why not take a nostalgic trip down to Louisiana and remind yourself of the baddest blood-sucking bunch in the business:

1. Bill Compton

Actor: Stephen Moyer

Sookie Stackhouse's initial love interest, Bill Compton, catapulted into our lives as the brooding and mysterious vampire arriving in the small town of Bon Temps, Louisiana. Deeply possessive and protective, his charisma drew us in right from the very start. Here's his first encounter with Sookie that kick-started a series of parodies and made us wish he was on top of us stat:

2. Jessica Hamby

Actress: Deborah Ann Woll

'Made' by Bill as part of a punishment for murdering another vampire, at first Jessica is like a restless and wide-eyed puppy dog learning to come to terms withher immortality. With time though, she mentally grows into a woman (despite physically remaining a virgin forever), resulting in scenes like this:

3. Eric Northman

Actor: Alexander Skarsgård

From the moment Eric is introduced as Sheriff of Area 5, the 1,100-year-old Swedish Viking warrior has had us salivating uncontrollably all over our television sets. Thankfully, he lets us have what we want on numerous occasions by getting naked and boning a bunch of people.

4. Lorena Krasiki

Actress: Mariana Klaveno

Another sexy vamp once 'made' by Bill, she appears in a few of his Civil War era flashbacks where she's incredibly emotionally dependent on him. Together they embark on a tirade of human torture and killing, often having sex with one another as their victims lie there bleeding out. Lovely!

5. Nora Gainsborough

Actress: Lucy Griffiths

Made by Godric in the 17th century during the Black Plague in London, Nora is a former chancellor of the Vampire Authority, as well as Eric's 'sister,' although as you probably remember, they use that time rather loosely.

7. Pamela Swynford De Beaufort (Pam)

Actress: Kristin Bauer van Straten

Eric's prodigy Pam is a former madame of a brothel circa 1905 and couldn't care less about anyone else but her master. She walks and talks like a dominatrix and her and Eric occasionally speak to each other in Swedish, which (let's all agree) is pretty hot.

8. Sophie-Anne Leclerq

Actress: Evan Rachel Wood

You can't deny that there's something dangerously seductive about Louisiana's 500-year-old Vampire Queen. Extremely beautiful, self-indulgent and calculating, she is everything blood-sucking royalty should be.

9. Violet Mazurski

Actress: Karolina Wydra

Out of all of Jason Stackhouse's love interests, Violet is arguably one of the most interesting. After all, she teases him to the point of self-implosion in her refusal to have sex with him.

Which True Blood blood-sucker does it for you?


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