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Cartoons are still famous today, but without the help of certain characters, there would be no development. This list will focus on characters that changed the cartoon genre so much, it paved the way for others. From Oswald to Homer, here are the most iconic cartoon characters that revolutionized the genre.

The Gentleman and the Clown (Created: 1908)

The 1908 french cartoon named Fantasmagorie was the first cartoon ever created. The cartoon showed different characters in different situations, mainly a clown and a gentlemen. The cartoon took over 700 drawings to shoot and is presented to show one of the French movements. This had to make the list due to the impact it held at it's time.

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit (created: 1927) and Mickey Mouse (created: 1928)

These two are lumped together because they are technically the same character. Oswald was Disney's original mascot and was brought over from Universal before Disney created the famous Mickey Mouse. These two are to thank for the quick animation and slapstick humor. They gave a path to animated films for years and years to come.

Bosko (created: 1930)

Bosko was the first Looney Tunes character and was more for the adult community. More mature slapstick and intense humor made for a good laughable time. Bosko is responsible for synced up dance movements and songs during each frame. Bosko revolutionized sound cartoons.

Betty Boop (created: 1930)

Betty Boop was the first real woman controversial cartoon character to hit the screens. Betty Boop was shown with more adult themes such as more reveal of the female body. Thank Boop for the sexual themes you see in cartoons today. Betty Boop is considered one of the prettiest cartoon characters of all time.

Snow White (created: 1937)

Disney introduces the first ever full length, color cartoon. This movie paved the way for cartoon films, and animation to this very day. Snow White is the first Disney princess and has had men drooling over her since her first showing in 1937. Snow White was the presence of beauty and was a clear guide for future cartoon princesses.

Superman (created: 1938)

The character Superman was created in 1938 but his first appearance in animation was in 1941. Superman was the first superhero to ever be animated making a whole new genre. Superman the animated series can be thanked for anything superheroes on the big screen. No matter if you are a DC or Marvel fan, you have to thank Supes for this one.

The Flintstone Family (created: 1960)

The original family that set the standard for family cartoons. This family was for children and adults that started a huge wave of shows that borrowed it's elements such as Rugrats, Simpsons, The Jetsons, and Family Guy. Without this original family, cartoons would be a lot less comedic and punny.

Andre and Walle B (created: 1984)

The first full length CGI film ever was Toy Story in 1995. This wouldn't have been possible without Andre and Walle B; Pixar's first CG characters. This animated short amazed audiences with it's future technology and forever has been a huge stamp in CGI history. These characters are happy to be the first.

The Simpson Family (created: 1989)

America's first real dysfunctional cartoon family. This family has been on the longest running sitcom track that has ever been recorded. The Simpsons took Flintstones family feel and turned it into an updated version. Seth Macfarlane (creator of Family Guy) has admitted that without Simpsons, new adult cartoons wouldn't exist.

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