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This just rips our hearts out. The Rock's tribute to his late friend and co-worker is heartbreaking.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson might make millions on screen as a tough guy, but he is clearly a softy with a good heart, as proven by one of his latest Instagram posts. In 2012, film stand-in Jay Veltri passed away from cancer at 34 years old. Jay was The Rock's stand-in for years through most of his career, and the two became good friends through their experiences. The Rock shares in his Instagram post how close they were, and that he felt compelled to post the photo for Throwback Thursday () and share Jay's story after coming across it on his phone. The Rock says Jay passed away within a month of that photo being taken.

2011. With one of the most optimistic and loving guys I ever knew - Jay Veltri RIP,” the Baywatch star, 44, captioned the shot. “He worked hard as my ‘stand in’ on my movies for years. … We did a lot together over the years. Worked out, drank, laughed, cried, had fun telling dumb jokes and yet thru it all, regardless of the challenges he would face, he would always ALWAYS have a smile on his face and he’d text me ‘Like you big bro I’m being strong.'

The Rock goes on to give us a reminder of how we should never take one day for granted, and to always work hard and take care of your friends and family. By the end of the post, you will be sobbing. Trust me.

The Baywatch star is a perfect example of how to make it big but stay humble. I think that is part of The Rock's appeal. He feels like a guy who you could watch kicking booty on the big screen, and then have a deep and genuine conversation with right after. Hollywood doesn't get to his head, and he always shares encouraging messages to his fans any chance he gets. The Rock is the real deal. RIP Jay, and thanks to The Rock for sharing such an inspirational message while remembering his friend.

Jay Velti via IndieGoGo
Jay Velti via IndieGoGo

The Rock was recently announced to be starring in the Jumanji reboot, stepping in for the late Robin Williams, whom he promised fans he would honor in the role. The Jumanji reboot is also set to star funny guy Jack Black as well, so it's shaping up pretty nicely!


Are you excited for The Rock's 'Jumanji' reboot?


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