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Taly Andino

***Possible Spoilers Ahead***

It was reported that after a minor accident in Peachtree City, Georgia, on Thursday, two of The Walking Dead's leading actors were seen on the scene assisting the drivers and calling for assistance.

Yes, that is actors Norman Reedus and Steven Yeun being as helpful as they can after the minor accident. This occurred very close to where The Walking Dead is filmed in Georgia.

A witness on the scene told local station WTCO that the actors were "trying to help everybody, kind of calm everybody."

This leaves us with the question. Seeing them dressed and how they look, which is NOT dead. Does this indicate that Daryl and Glenn aren't chosen my Negan. As we witnessed at the end of season 6, someone was being bludgeoned to death by Negan's very trusty bat Lucille.

As you can see from the zoomed in picture. It looks like Steven is wearing a gun strap around his shoulder, while Norman is holding what seems to be a rifle.

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So does this help to narrow down the list to the possible victim?


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