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I've always loved reading and writing, my greatest appreciation is the fantasy genre
Caitlin Woitt

There has been a lot of buzz lately from the LGBT community to give Princess Elsa a girlfriend. There has also been a lot of backlash from traditionalists in favor of a "natural family" dynamic. Personally I wasn't a fan of Frozen but it did offer something new to the table. A sisters love broke the curse rather than the monotonous "True love's first kiss" technique that has been played out over the years, was refreshing to see.

For the sake of historical accuracy, Elsa would have been required to marry a prince from another land in order to establish an alliance. This could happen for many reasons: peace treaty, social or economic advantage etc. It was also common for people of wealth or royalty to have lovers on the side but maintain the marriage in order to keep up an appearance.

After a while of seeing the same traditional binary's in story lines becomes boring. The same old formula of prince and princess union fall into a slump of predictability and can potentially leave a sense of unfulfilled banality. It would be great to see a wider spectrum of romance or friendships on the big screen. If Disney could make Deadpool and R rated film, giving the audience a same sex couple shouldn't be too difficult to accomplish.



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