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6. The Secret Warriors have a mission.

After being alerted by May that Giyera had taken control of the Zephyr, Daisy and Lincoln gather Joey and Elena and decide to storm Hydra's base (Thats where Giyera brought the Zephyr). Their Objective is to kill Hive and rescue the team. Let's see how that Goes.

They get to Hydra's base (How did they get these directions btw?!?!), Giyera reports to Ward/Hive who ask's him if any of the agents on the Zephyr survived, but Giyera was out numbered so he decided to make a run for it.

At that moment the Secret Warriors come busting in! Annnnndddd they're splitting up, because that always ends well......

Lincoln manages to capture Malick and they all manage to reunite with the rest of the team and now they're getting the heck outa there.


5. Coulson interrogates Malick.

This part is simple, Coulson wants answers, Malick wants revenge on Hive, so he's gonna leak some Hydra/Hive secrets. Malick starts telling Coulson about Hive's history and how people putting their faith and trust in him, was a deadly mistake.

Malick then ask's Coulson if he's a religious man, to which Coulson replies that he has faith in his team - Malick tells him thats what Hive will destroy first.

Coulson questions Malick about all Inhumans worshipping Hive. Malick explains that he can infect Inhumans, become apart of them , and they instantly join the Hive. Mind control if you will.

Coulson is wary to believe Malick is telling the truth, but Malick says that Coulson doesn't have to believe him. He will see soon enough, as he sent 4 Inhumans into their base. Malick wonders how many he turned. He warns Coulson that if he trusts' any of them, stop now.

Coulson leaves the interrogation room and asks' Mack to quietly lock down the base.


4. Coulson realizes the team is infected

After talking with Malick, Coulson gathers Fitz/Simmons and Mack to discuss the Inhumans. They need some kind of test to find out if they really are infected, luckily Lucio (who Joey killed earlier) had some abnormal readings in his brain from Hives mind control, so they're gonna start there.

Daisy then walks into the room to try to find out whats going on, and they all lie to her face, telling her that the base lockdown is a security protocol since they have Malick in custody.


3. The Inhumans against S.H.I.E.L.D.

All of a sudden all power is lost on the base, Mack goes to check weapon inventory, and a grenade is missing. Fitz and Simmons are walking by Vault D (The room Malick is being kept in) and they notice the door is open. They look inside and realize Malick is dead and as they realize this the grenade goes off. Somebody killed Malick and is trying to cover up the cause of his death.

Daisy and the rest of the Secret Warriors want answers from Coulson, who's not in a very trusting mood. Coulson wants them in containment until they have this situation figured out. Daisy isn't ok with this and all the secret warriors make a b-line for the other room , locking themselves inside.

Once they are locked inside, they try to figure out who the infected person is. Of course nobody will admit. Daisy leads the team to a secret elevator to get them off the base.


2. Mistakes Happen.

JUST KIDDING!!!! Daisy actually tricked the team into another room with Coulson because he knows who the infected person is........LINCOLN. They found terrigen crystals and the alien artifact they got from James in his locker, this is enough evidence for Coulson. Of course, Lincoln pleads not guilty and tries to electrocute everyone in the room , until he is knocked out by Daisy.

All the secret Warriors are put into containment.


1. Daisy reveals herself

Daisy pays Lincoln a visit a few hours later, saying she had to see him. Lincoln questions how Daisy got out of her cell, but he's forgetting that Daisy designed the security system. She tells Lincoln they can just walk right of here and that S.H.I.E.L.D. doesn't matter anymore. Lincoln knows that this doesn't sound right and figures out something is going on.

"Daisy, what did you do?"

As it turns out Daisy was the one who was infected by hive when they were storming the building. She was also the one who killed Malick, who they couldn't have leaking all of their secrets to S.H.I.E.L.D.

Hive has Daisy under his sway and she's trying to bring Lincoln to him as well. She tells Lincoln that the emptiness she always had inside her has been filled.... filled by a bond, and she wants him to experience this too. Lincoln doesn't want any part of this. She tells him He'll understand some day.

Daisy grabs all of their terrigen crystals and the artifact and leaves the base, but not before sealing the team in so they can't follow her.


That's all for now, here's the promo for episode 18 if you wanna see it again!

Crazy Daisy is on the loose!



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