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Now that we've had almost twenty four hours to process the news of Agent Carter's cancellation, it's hard not to think about what could have been for the 1940s spy drama. Already, the online community have made their feelings known about ABC's decision to pass on an Agent Carter renewal, with many fans turning to Netflix in the hope that the streaming service will save the show. An online petition targeted at Netflix has been receiving multiple signatures per minute and the hashtags and are still hot topics on Twitter, highlighting the amount of support for the show. Moreover, the series is currently topping The Hollywood Reporter's annual poll, asking fans which of the cancelled series' should be saved. As Netflix currently houses Marvel's Daredevil and Marvel's Jessica Jones, the idea of Peggy Carter taking up residence at the streaming service actually makes sense. Here's a few reasons why the show moving to Netflix is a great idea, and could be profitable in the long run!

1. The Netflix & Marvel Connection

As I mentioned previously, Netflix produce their own original Marvel series'. In fact, one could argue that Marvel's Daredevil is the biggest attraction that the streaming service has to offer. In addition, Netflix is planning on producing several more original Marvel series, including Iron Fist which is currently in production. Technically, Marvel's Agent Carter exists in the same universe as all Marvel products - including both Daredevil and Jessica Jones, so moving Agent Carter to Netflix would allow the streaming service to capitalise on an already established series, as well as expanding their ever-growing Marvel universe.

2. Ratings Would Be Less Important

Hang in there, Peggy!
Hang in there, Peggy!

The reasoning behind Agent Carter's cancellation was decreased viewership, but lets be honest, how often do we get the opportunity to watch TV shows on their first run anymore? It's pretty scary that in this day and age, a show's survival relies on the viewing figures from its initial airing. It's a pretty archaic tradition, that's for sure, especially when we live in a world full of DVR, catch-up services, on demand services and, perhaps the biggest killer of all, online downloading. The viewing figures for Agent Carter may have been lower than expected but the series itself is extremely popular. Often trending and discussed online, the series is most definitely a hit and Peggy Carter is a beloved character. It's obvious that fans would definitely relish the opportunity for future adventures with her. If Netflix revived Agent Carter, it would more than likely be a hit among viewers. Being able to watch in your own time (with the added bonus of all the episodes becoming available at once) would most likely draw a new audience as well as delight old fans.

3. Agent Carter is already perfect for Netflix

TV has changed a lot over the years, but the main difference is that the storytelling format is much more appreciated on television now than it was in previous decades. Shows like Bewitched, Wonder Woman and Batman tended to focus on one plot per episode, most likely so that the viewer would not need to catch every episode, and could tune in and out as they pleased. Nowadays, we prefer a storytelling arc - with fewer episodes a season, and this is largely due to the success of cable produced shows like Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones. Netflix has adopted this strategy, as Daredevil focuses on the character's story instead of the 'villain of the week' format that most superhero shows tend to use. Despite being noticeably lighter than Daredevil, Agent Carter shares a similar format. Season One focused on an arc - told over eight episodes. The second season focused on a different arc, but maintained this format. The shorter episode count and format of the show would make it a perfect fit for Netflix, and Peggy would be right at home.

4. Going Deeper Than Allowed on Network TV

While, tone-wise, Marvel's Agent Carter is already perfect, one can't help but let their imagination wander, thinking about the endless possibilities that would be open to the series if it were a Netflix original. Network television series' tend to be written with a four act structure - with each act ending with momentary cliffhangers, allowing for commercial breaks as well keeping the audience enticed and from changing the channel. With network TV, dialogue can often be quick-paced (although that is in the intention with Peggy/Jarvis scenes), or perhaps it's obvious when a cut has been made for timing reasons. If Agent Carter moved to Netflix, there would be more focus on the storyline and more room for deep, meaningful conversations (The penultimate episode of the second season featured a conversation like this - a lengthy, tear jerking, well written scene that was quite rare for network television). Longer episodes would also benefit the story and there would be less need for cliffhangers. Moreover, darker territory could be explored - without losing the tone of the series, of course - I'm not talking about Daredevil levels of darkness, but perhaps a swear word here and there wouldn't hurt.

5. A Proper Ending

Regardless of Peggy's later appearances in the MCU, Marvel's Agent Carter deserves a proper ending. Whether it be another couple of seasons, one season, or just a one-off special, we should at least get the opportunity to see Peggy take control of S.H.I.E.L.D. The earlier one-shot did highlight this moment, but it's now believed that the one-shot has been retconned due to continuity differences between the one-shot and series. While we know that Peggy lives for many years, a perfect and definitive ending to the series would be to see Peggy take control of S.H.I.E.L.D as it's not only a vital point in this history of the MCU, but it's a defining moment for Peggy herself, as her value and contribution are finally rewarded. This would be a great storyline for a final season and the perfect ending to Marvel's Agent Carter.

Not quite, Peggy.

6. A Killer Credits Sequence

While Marvel's Agent Carter does have a killer theme tune, I often felt it lacked an opening credit sequence. The 1940s setting and style would've allowed for a stylistically beautiful opening credit - something which I feel ABC failed to capitalise on by going with the standard, over-used, title card. In fact, the ending sequence of the original one-shot (pictured above) was something that could've been adapted into a cool credit sequence for the TV series. As we've seen with Marvel's Daredevil, Netflix are quite capable of producing credit sequences that could even give the iconic Game of Thrones a run for its money. What do you say, Netflix? It's worth a renewal for this reason alone.

So while we continue to cry ourselves to sleep over the loss of such a wonderful show, at least we know that there is a little hope for [Marvel's Agent Carter](tag:1119765). It's only fair that the matriarch of Marvel gets the send off that she deserves.


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