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Season Six of AMC's 'The Walking Dead' came to a close not too long ago and now we wait eagerly for the next season... But there is ALWAYS multiple threats that face our favorite characters and our fear of who will be killed off in each season.

Someone was beaten to a grisly, blood pulp in 6.16, striking into me even more eagerness to find out who was bludgeoned into a wad of gooey ooze before his/or/her friends and family. My personal opinion: I think it was Glenn but we'll see!

Let's get into what could happen in the new season of 'TWD' by examining the comic panels starting after issue 100 and into the war.

Comic spoilers and possible show spoilers.


Glenn in Death Issue 100
Glenn in Death Issue 100

After Glenn is slaughtered, Maggie turns on Rick, socking him in the face, resulting Carl to direct his pistol into her face. Sophia then turns against Carl, forcing Heath and Michonne to intervene between the two. After, the group wraps Glenn up in a blanket and takes his corspe to Hilltop where Paul Monroe sees him and escorts Rick to Gregory who so nonchalantly inquires to Rick if the secrect alliance between his group and Hilltop is known to Negan yet, provoking Rick to nail him in the face (he deserved it).

This could possibly happen in the show, which I likely believe it will...seeing the aftermath of whoever died will be monumental to the series and such a shape-shifter to all the characters and plotlines.


Two issues later, Paul is out follwoing Dwight after he was held hostage by Rick and co, but was set free. Negan arrives at Alexandria, mocks Glenn's death and comments on other things of Alexandria. When Negan is attempting to leave, Carl threatens him, which fully offends Negan (Can't wait to see that!).


Carl, Michonne, Negan, and Unknown Bat-Holder Comic
Carl, Michonne, Negan, and Unknown Bat-Holder Comic

Jumping a few issues, we see that most of your core characters have survived the war: Rick, Carl, Michonne, Andrea, Maggie, Sophia, Heath, Paul, Aaron, etc...

The only ones who actually die during the war are: David

Eric (MAIN)


Shiva (MAIN)

Holly (Alive and Zombified) (MAIN)



Mr. Orson

Mrs. Orson

Orson Children



At least four unnamed members of The Kingdom.

Numerous unnamed Saviors


Denise Cloyd (MAIN



Kingdom Survivor 1


Nicholas (MAIN)




Several Hilltop Colony survivors

Numerous counts of Saviors.

This all copied from The Walking Dead Wiki because I didn't know them all off hand. The characters with parentheses are the ones I consider MAIN. So not really a lot of main characters die during the war, which my provide us hope for the main ones on the show.

I see it possible for Tara to get Holly's death, Eric will probably die, Heath lose his leg, Rick get shot with the arrow, I don't know who could possibly take Nicholas's death--possibly Sasha (hope not) maybe Daryl (hope not too); no clue who might take Denise's death, but there is a lot I could speculate on and who knows if anyoen will die the same way in the comics as in teh show, but I do really wanna see Holly's death remade on The Walking Dead (it was recently on FTWD).

But this is what I have as of now, and I hope you have enjoyed. I apologize for not uploading in a LONG time, been busy with school but summer is on the way!

The Walking Dead returns to AMC this October, 9/8c.


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