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Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has kicked off with a great start. Captain America: Civil War being the first film of Phase 3, has surpassed expectations, while opening the door for the MCU' to branch off into many more adventures outside of the mainstream Marvel story-line. Apart from the amazing resolution we were left with at the conclusion of [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409), there are still a ton of questions left unanswered. The MCU has amassed 12 films to date, with each film creating expansive worlds that intertwine with one another. Some could argue that various plot threads have become convoluted, while leaving some major plot-points unresolved. For instance, we haven't been given any direct confirmation on how The Incredible Hulk (2008) connects to the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, other than the Easter Eggs dropped by including Tony Stark/Iron Man in the post-credits scene of The Incredible Hulk, and the video compilation of Hulk's rampage in the SHIELD files given to Tony Stark by Nick Fury in The Avengers (2012). And we still haven't heard from some of the central characters of The Incredible Hulk who could have potentially, massive roles in future MCU' films if they are reintroduced. Apart from that disconnection within specific aspects of the MCU', there are several more mysteries which have gone unnoticed. Here are some of the biggest mysteries which have still gone unresolved, post Captain America: Civil War. MILD SPOILERS INCLUDED. If you haven't seen Captain America: Civil War, stop reading now.

1. Abomination/Emil Blomsky

The Abomination was the hulk-like adversary for Bruce Banner/Hulk in The Incredible Hulk (2008). Originally, a soldier working for General Thaddeus Ross, Emil Blomsky volunteered for experimental testing of a manufactured Super Soldier Serum. Within the context of The Incredible Hulk, the idea is presumed by General Ross (William Hurt) through his dialogue, in how the Super Soldier Serum he is in possession of, is the closest thing to the serum which endowed Steve Rogers with his strengths to become Captain America. But the serum didn't work as efficiently on Emil Blomsky as it did for Steve Rogers. After being subjected to the Super Soldier Serum, Blomsky began to feel some nasty side effects. Though, it worked to his advantage, as Blomsky's body was able to regenerate after a devastating beat-down from the Hulk. Eventually Emil Blomsky obtains a manufactured serum which created the Hulk, and he allows himself to be subjected to that serum as well. Thus resulting in the creation of Abomination. Once he was fully endowed with Hulk-like abilities, Emil Blomsky/Abomination went on a rampage through New York until Hulk showed up. Their fight takes them to the rooftops of the brownstones in the city until Hulk is able to subdue the Abomination. In the last moments of their fight, the Hulk is about to end the Abomination's life, but he allows him mercy. Leaving Abomination could be the worst decision Hulk ever makes. After that scene, we no longer see the Abomination or hear of his whereabouts. But we can assume, that some government agency detained him, but whom? It's possible that General Ross recovered the defeated, Abomination, and took him back for more experimentation. Within his Marvel Comics counterpart, General Ross has never been one to back down from his own set cause, which could mean that Ross may be working outside outside the scope of his position if he still sees potential in Emil Blomsky/Abomination. In the likely scenario that General Ross did recover the defeated Abomination, it's plausible to assume the United States government would want the Abomination destroyed. But General Ross being who he is, would probably write off the disposal of Abomination in order to conduct further experiments on him. And with the plot thread of Abomination never fully closed out, it's possible that he may reappear in a future film to fight the Hulk. Going even further with potential possibilities, General Ross may have even found a way to revert Emil Blomsky to his human appearance in order to hide Blomsky in plain sight. If that is the case, the Abomination could pop up anywhere, at any given moment.

2. Extremis and AIM facilities

After Iron Man 3, it's assumed that Tony Stark and the United States have acquired the AIM facilities, responsible for manufacturing the Extremis technology. With Tony Stark/Iron Man requiring the data from AIM to safely manufacture a cure for Pepper Potts as she was infected with the Extremis virus during Iron Man 3. And we can confirm this result as Tony Stark's monologue at the end of Iron Man 3 gives a detailed description of everything he accomplishes after defeating Aldrich Killian. However, we haven't seen Pepper Potts since the events of Iron Man 3. Which draws up the question of her welfare after being subjected to the Extremis virus. We know that Tony Stark cured the explosive nature of Extremis, but it's not clear if Pepper Potts was left with the augmentations to her body (i.e. super strength, accelerated healing, and heated projectiles). There was a small nod to the Extremis virus in "Marvel's Agents of SHIELD" but that plot-point has since been abandoned, with the experiments resulting in the same way that Aldrich Killian's unsuccessful Extremis experiments went; during the events of Iron Man 3. And we still don't know if Tony Stark chose to develop the technology any further, or if he has Extremis locked away somewhere. In the circumstance, that the Extremis technology is being kept under lock and key in Stark's compound, there's potential for a thief to break in and steal it. We wouldn't see Scott Lang/Ant-Man breaking out Extremis for his own purposes, but another villain whom could learn of Extremis may want it for themselves. Someone along the lines of the real 'Mandarin'.

3. Red Skull

Where is the Red Skull? The last time we saw the Red Skull was in Captain America: The First Avenger. In the midst of a battle aboard the Red Skull's bomber, Captain America causes a reaction from the Tesseract on-board with his shield hitting the containment. Unintentionally striking the housing for the Tesseract, the Tesseract began to react, which caused the Red Skull to remove it from the protective housing. In doing so, the Red Skull began to examine the Tesseract as it began to release bursts of energy. Then in an instant, a worm-hole opens and an unknown place in the universe can be seen through the hole. With no choice in the matter, the Tesseract began to assimilate the Red Skull's matter and shot him through the worm-hole, one piece at a time. We don't see the Red Skull after that scene, and there's been no word of him since. But to reiterate what the Tesseract is, the Tesseract houses the Infinity Stone/the Space Gem; one of the six Infinity Stones. The Space Gem has the power to transport any type of matter between vast areas of space, including universal travel, similar to the Rainbow Bridge in Asgard.

Going back to the events of Captain America: The First Avenger. Seeing the Red Skull being sucked into a worm-hole means a great deal to the future of the MCU'. The scene of the Red Skull being sent through the worm-hole leaves with the question of where he wound up. It's been some years since he was sent through the worm-hole, regardless of where Red Skull ended up, it's not likely he survived. Unless his transportation through the Tesseract has kept his life-force sustained in the same being, and could be released onto the Marvel universe at any moment. But we may know where Red Skull will show up next. The first presumption one would've made, would be for the Red Skull to have made an appearance in Thor: The Dark World. Seeing that every realm in the universe was affected, the Red Skull's presence would have been made known as well. For the simple reasoning, in wherever the Red Skull did end up, he's somewhere in the Nine Realms, wherein he'd also be privy to the events of Thor: The Dark World; possibly contributing to Malekith's victory. But he's nowhere to be seen in the film. However, Red Skull may just get his return in the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok. We don't know any specific details of Thor's adventure in Ragnarok but if there's universal destruction at hand, then the Red Skull may not be far off. He is after all, hiding within one of the Nine Realms. And he has been hidden for over 70 years, which could place Red Skull in the position to be in control of an army if he landed on the right planet. Or is it possible that Thor and the Hulk, whom are both going to star in Thor: Ragnarok, may run into the Red Skull during the film? Neither of them is familiar with the Red Skull, which could place them in a position to be manipulated by Red Skull if they meet him on their journey. In the circumstance that Thor or Hulk run into the Red Skull during Thor: Ragnarok, could the Red Skull hitch a ride home with the Hulk when their adventure is over, placing Red Skull back on Earth to cause more destruction. In the 70 years that the Red Skull has been missing, he could've amassed armies or infiltrated alien civilizations to conquer them, as well as traveling the vast distance of space. That leaves the potential for the Red Skull to have himself disguised, while purposely helping Thor and Hulk to get a ride back to Earth. But the more likely return for the Red Skull will probably happen when Thanos frees the Infinity Stone from the Tesseract.

4. Is Odin Dead?

Is Odin really dead? Anthony Hopkins seems to think so. And with the actor almost confirming his retreat from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it all but places his character of Odin in the hot-seat to be executed. Although, we may need a scene or two from Anthony Hopkins to appropriately depict his death. Apart from the actor's feelings on the character. Last we saw of Odin, he was on the seat of Asgard during Malekith's invasion in Thor: The Dark World, but he's not to be seen again in the film. Odin reappears in the last scene of the film, but it isn't Odin. Loki had managed to escape death once again, and was masquerading as Odin on the throne. We don't know what happened to Odin, but we'll probably get an answer when Thor: Ragnarok rolls around. And why Loki is in his place? Or could Odin already be engaged in his eternal battle with Surtur?

5. Betsy Ross- Red She Hulk

There is also the matter of Betsy Ross (Liv Tyler) who never got a return after The Incredible Hulk. Although, no one expected any of the cast from The Incredible Hulk to be included in the MCU' until Robert Downey Jr. dropped by in the post-credits scene of The Incredible Hulk. With that scene connecting Iron Man (2008) to The Incredible Hulk of the same year, we have a definitive link between the films. And that being said, we can appropriately ask what happened to Betsy Ross after the events of The Incredible Hulk? She didn't stick around with Bruce Banner, which draws up the question of what she's been doing the whole time. Betsy Ross hasn't been in the spotlight, or present during any of the events in the MCU', or has she? Could Betsy Ross have been in New York during the Battle of New York in The Avengers (2012)? In that scenario, it's plausible that she was a casualty which went unnoticed. Going along in that scenario, a dead Betsy Ross could set her up to play a pivotal role alongside her father, Secretary of State Thaddeus Ross. And if the possibility of Betsy Ross dying during the events of The Avengers did come to pass, his daughter's death could be the driving reason for Thaddeus Ross to be further involved with policing the population of enhanced individuals. But to get back to Betsy Ross' potential future in the MCU'. If Betsy Ross has died at some point in the existing MCU', it doesn't mean her character is gone forever. Betsy Ross is famous for being resurrected into a peculiar, Marvel character. And her death could set up Betsy Ross to portray Red-She Hulk. Now, we haven't been introduced to She-Hulk yet but the potential for Red-She Hulk to appear is an amazing aspect to consider, for the MCU'. There haven't been very many affluent female superheroes, Black Widow and Agent 13 aside, Red-She Hulk would definitely give a bit more backbone to the female element in the MCU'. Having her powerhouse of a character rivaling the strength of Captain America, as well as accepting the life of a vigilante could definitely throw a wrench into the structured catalog of MCU' heroes.

6. Secretary of State, Thaddeus Ross

Could Thaddeus Ross be in possession of the frozen Super Soldiers, that were hidden away in Siberia? The conclusion of Captain America: Civil War didn't show the fate of the Super Soldier clones, mentioned in name only. During the film, we learned that samples of the Super Soldier Serum were stolen from Howard Stark and were used to create Russian-allied Super Soldiers. Though, they weren't as easy to control as Bucky Barnes, which is why they were cryogenically frozen. But still in deep hibernation, the Super Soldier clones were still intact during the events of Captain America: Civil War. And the conclusion of the film didn't give us a definitive answer as to what would be done with them. In the circumstance that Secretary of State, Thaddeus Ross got a hold of the Super Soldier clones being held in Siberia; that could spell out the future of his comic-book counterpart becoming a reality on-screen. With the Super Soldier clones at his disposal, Ross could easily take the blood of one of the clones and reverse manufacture a serum from their blood. Creating another version of the Super Soldier Serum, probably the closest product to the original serum which endowed Steve Rogers with the strength to become Captain America. In the likelihood that Thaddeus Ross is in possession of the Super Soldiers and has manufactured a serum from their blood, he may see fragility of old age as a weakness, and act without taking appropriate precautions. By which, I mean he could take the manufactured serum in hopes that the serum will restore the vitality of young age to him but turn out disastrous in the end. The result could see Thaddeus Ross becoming a monstrous being, deemed the Red Hulk.

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