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Having to consider the most recent events one of tv's highest-rating prime-time shows, "The Blacklist" basically stands as second to none. It's even able to do more than hold its own when regarding it's being in good company with the reigning crime scene procedural drama king, the one and only "NCIS". It also generously shares the spotlight with the equally highly rated "Rizzoli and Isles", which is looking at its own demise at the end of the season. After looking through countless tv-info sites, it's been confirmed that no one, not even Netflix with its growing reputation of taking on tv shows and giving them new life, is interested in picking up the cop show favorite. And it's pretty clear that if anyone else were to try to play Raymond Reddington, the show would never have lasted this long. I think that's been made pretty clear.

James Spader aka Raymond Reddington
James Spader aka Raymond Reddington

With what has to be the most dramatic change of events for an original cast character, the death of Elizabeth Keen is still prompting suspicion that she isn't actually dead. Internet trollers on every stupid "What If?" site (oops! Did I just tell on myself?) are trying to insist that the producers of the show are planning a massive return, but are keeping quiet. If they are, it would mean a huge rocket in ratings, NOT that "The Blacklist" needs it by any means! It's still among THE highest-rated on tv. I'm just afraid that, all things considered, Liz isn't coming back. It's like Ziva all over again, it's just not happening! Unless there's a secret nobody knows.

A popular plot rumor is that Mr. Kaplan may have given her something during childbirth to help simulate death, and possibly she is actually alive and has a chance to return in a really dramatic, strategic way. I can live with this, IF it turns out to work that way, but we're still talking about "the powers that be" and what they want to do. And right now, they aren't saying anything about what the truth is about Keen, IF there's something they know and we don't. (Bastards.)

A couple of other plot rumors are apparently popular: one being that Kaplan killed Liz herself on the operating table; which is insane, since Red would skin Kaplan alive if she did such a thing, especially since she seems totally loyal to him. And Red skinning Kaplan alive would very likely be the first thing he would do. I shudder to think what else he would do to her. Does even Red have limits to his imagination? And then there's still the other plot rumor that seems to be ringing the most bells, although it could be just as unlikely as anything else I've heard. Try to imagine this: Liz begged Kaplan to help her fake her own death, so she could escape Red, and she disappears so she could have a chance to hunt down her mother and get the answers she desperately needs to make sense of her life.

Masha Rostova, I presume?
Masha Rostova, I presume?

Even IF this didn't sound so convoluted as well as so far-reaching, don't you think that possibly there would be a few clues, at least? TV producers love to keep selling their shows, and cliffhangers are a traditional signature of a sure way to keep everyone coming back to see what happens in the next episode. Besides, with Red being on her side as much as he has been, why would Liz want to escape from him? I'll grant you that being such a vested interest to one of the FBI's Most Wanted certainly makes a person dangerously attractive to someone's enemies, you also don't want to forget that Liz is no idiot. She's got skills, even if she doesn't have Red's criminal perspective.

There's also the mystery surrounding her Russian mother and lineage, including the elusive and never before seen Ekaterina Rostova, whom it seems we will never see on the show; not alive, anyway. A fascinating aspect of all this is it would be great IF the truth could be allowed to come out, whether from Red or from somebody who knows as much as he does, it'd be great for a whole season.

Ryan Eggold as Tom Keen.
Ryan Eggold as Tom Keen.

Another interesting aspect that's occurred is Tom Keen having to come forward to pick up the all-but-vacant position left by Liz. And now that he's a dad, his mind's on a lot of things; possibly the most important being that he avenges Liz's murder and tries to raise Agnes in something that might actually constitute as a normal life. Can't you just see it? Tom Keen signing his little girl up for Espionage and Infiltration classes 101 at "C.I.A. Elementary".

Tom:"How'd class go today, dear?"

Agnes:"Great, Dad! I learned how to successfully blackmail a foreign prime minister, and he gave me the money in only three hours!"

Tom:"That's my girl! But let's not tell Mommy, ok?"

I mean, come on, be serious! You know, you KNOW you can see it happening.

And there is something else that's been bugging the hell out of me for the passed three episodes, where is Mr. Kaplan? She's been absent for two episodes now, and for someone who's one of Red's main people, she seems to have gone AWOL. This provokes a very simple question for me, if I may sum it up: "Say whaaat?!" So that's one of my big questions, where is Kaplan and what is her story now? Because there sure are some answers that need to be told to us mere mortals who don't write this shit for Hollywood!

Oops! How'd that get in here?? LOL
Oops! How'd that get in here?? LOL

I would like to write more about what's going on with the show, and vent and rant about what's going with rest of the team, but for right now I think this will do. Besides, I wanted to wait until I had watched the show long enough so I could deliver an informed opinion in this article. And there are more than enough questions already. How will Liz's death affect the show? Is Liz really dead? Is Mr. Kaplan going to be the surrogate "mom", to raise Agnes while Tom's busy? With Tom getting his own show, how will the "Blacklist" dynamic be affected? You can't have two shows with similar characters and both be highly successful without challenging an established dynamic. Like I said, that's all for now. But I will write more blogs on this show, as well as others you're aware of by now. :)

What is the truth behind Red and Liz's relationship?


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