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The internet is aflutter right now about two very well known walker-slaying celebrities being in the right place at the right time (or is that the wrong place at the right time). ICYMI, Steven Yeun and Norman Reedus were minding their own biz, riding motorcycles on their way to The Walking Dead set in Peachtree City, Georgia, when they came across a traffic accident. Being the good hoomans they are, they stuck around until paramedics arrived, to help make sure everyone was okay. And they gave a couple lucky folks one hell of a story to tell their friends!

Over the years, and prior to this year, there have been plenty of celebrities that have not only played heroes onscreen, but had the chance to play them in real life.

This article and this one too both highlight a few, from Harrison Ford helping hikers in his helicopters (holy hell that was a lot of h's), to various celebrities helping out with various children's charities and other noble causes.

Let's take a moment to recognize a couple more celebrity heroes from this year!

Jamie Foxx

It's not every day when a strange car stops in front of a star's home. Okay, so maybe it is. But when a Toyota Tacoma went off the road, flipped several times, and landed in front of his house and caught on fire, Electro himself came out and pulled the guy from the car. Spider-Man would be proud!

Hugh Jackman

Wolverine came to the real-life rescue on a beach in Sydney in March of this year, when he helped his son and other swimmers to safety after a riptide caught them by surprise.

Why does it always seem that a riptide is involved when a celebrity saves a life? It's like they spend a lot of time at the beach...oh well. Here's the video of the rescue! Go Logan!

The year isn't even to the halfway mark yet, so this list is a little short. But there are a few people out there who are very thankful for Steven, Norman, Jamie and Hugh for their off-screen bravery!


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