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The upcoming arc of Dragon Ball Super will finally feature the much anticipated return of one of the most popular Dragon Ball Character Future Trunks. Here, I’ll share with you all my thoughts, theories and predictions on how strong he might be.


First of all let’s check out the information we already have about him in our hands-

It has been mentioned multiple times that Future Trunks is returning. Meaning the Trunks that is coming in the upcoming arc isn’t from any alternate timelines or a new universe or shits like that. He is the exact same Future Trunks that we saw in the android-cell saga in Dragon Ball Z. Based on the information Toriyama and TOEI has given us till now.

So the last time we saw him he was back on his timeline after Perfect Cell was defeated on our timeline. He then killed Android 17,18 and Imperfect Cell on his timeline with no difficulties at all.

Now the latest Toriyama-announcement that broke the internet is-

“Next time in Dragon Ball Super adult trunks will make his first appearance in a long time.
Despite being so strong, Trunks barely escape from the future with his life.
The future was supposed to be at peace, so what in the world could have happened?
And what about this foe too strong for even Trunks to handle, Black Goku!? (Well, you can probably imagine what he is like just based on the name )
It’s the start of a battle that surpasses time and space, and drag in the gods of destruction, kaioshins, even the omni-king. Many mysteries will be revealed!
There are some confusing bits with time changing here and there, but just bear with me. It should definitely turn out to be a fun story. Even I haven’t checked the final script yet let’s enjoy this together! “
Dragon Ball Super Future Trunks First Look
Dragon Ball Super Future Trunks First Look

Thus, Future Trunks escaped with his life from his timeline from the hands of a threat who is so terrifying that it will even drag in the god of everything Omni-King. The way Toriyama worded it, sounds like Black Goku already fucked up the future. Now the question comes how strong Future Trunks would be?

We know that Future Trunks already kind of surpassed the Super Saiyan form and was like close to a super saiyan 2. The third grade super saiyan; the form that is called ‘Super Trunks’. In that transformation he becomes super bulky and massive. But as a result loses his speed making his immense strength next to useless. So at this point it’s almost obvious that he can at-least go Super Saiyan 2 now. But the problem is let alone a super saiyan 2 even a super saiyan 3 wouldn’t make too much sense in the current arc. Provided how much stronger characters we have in hand. And please do note that in the announcement it has been mentioned. Even after being so strong Future Trunks failed to keep up with Black Goku. So they are implying Future Trunks would indeed be strong instead of being a crap like our Gohan. So maybe Trunks built up his own brand of powering up. Like we can say Gohan went Mystic instead of Super Saiyan 3. Maybe he mastered the bulky transformation. That would probably bring variation and would make more sense.

Dragon Ball Super Black Goku Theory. Mira and Towa
Dragon Ball Super Black Goku Theory. Mira and Towa

And the Future Trunks is the type of guy who would keep up training. Specially after having seen so much happening and since when he went back in his timeline he was the only surviving Z fighter.

So it’s assumable that he kept up training. And even if he wished back his friends it’s assumable that he would still be stronger because his timeline’s Goku and Vegeta should be far behind since Trunks was the only one who fought the Androids and cell and got all that training. He could as well be the Goku like character of his timeline. And since he returned alone without anyone else it again hints that he is the lone survivor or couldn’t manage to bring anyone else. Because think of it. If the ‘Black Goku’ thing is this dangerous and the solution is in this timeline wouldn’t he be trying to bring as many fighters as possible?

Also I would like to mention that Future Trunk’s power might depend on the context that brings him here and the expected role from him. His reason of coming here could be as twisted as stopping Goku or killing Goku or restricting Goku before he becomes or somehow helps in the creation of a Black Goku. It also depends on how many years in the future they are talking about here.

Now again going back to the power calculation. He did manage to escape form Black Goku who is probably going to be the most powerful threat we have ever seen till now. So if Trunks isn’t even stronger than Super Saiyan 3 Goku how could he do it?

We have to understand that the power differences between each arc of Dragon Ball are huge like in the Frieza saga he was the real deal. All our fighters had to give everything they had to defeat him. And then Trunks randomly appeared and killed him with one blow. Even if you want an example from Dragon Ball Super. When Beerus first encountered Super Saiyan 3 Goku . Goku didn’t stand a chance at all. Couldn’t even touch Beerus! And now in the last episode we saw base Goku at-least fighting with Beerus. You might argue that Beerus didn’t use too much of his powers. Then again he did power up during the last fight which he didn’t do when he was testing Goku at King Kai’s planet.

Future Trunks was always portrayed as a strong character in Dragon Ball. Like, when he first appeared he was a Super Saiyan even though Vegeta wasn’t. So when he comes I would be expecting him to be around the power level of Goku and Vegeta. It also depends on what kind of training he has undertaken! Could it be possible that he also trained under Beerus and Whis or someone of the same level?

Dragon BalL Super Future Trunks Character Design
Dragon BalL Super Future Trunks Character Design

Because from the announcement it’s pretty clear that the Gods of this timeline would be involved with this Black Goku. So it wouldn’t be a big surprise if Future Trunks did meet the gods of destruction and received training of his timeline. Because if he is strong he is certainly one of the strongest warriors in his universe! By the way looking at the design of Future Trunks that was posted earlier by TOEI it looks he got quite slimmer than he was before. Could that mean he attained the god form because Goku got slim when he first became Super Saiyan God. But then again that was only in the god form. The other way around characters get slim is when they don’t train. Like Gohan totally became a skinny screw up. But I don’t really think that’s the case here. By the way, the hair color being blue isn’t an issue I think. Because the previous Trunks design made by Toriyama probably also had blue hair but they changed it in the anime. Another thing is Trunks is wearing this red scarf around his neck looking at this many are saying that Bulma might have died in his timeline. And thus he is wearing her scarf. Or it could be something Bulma gave him before he came here. Besides, if you look carefully the sweater Trunks is wearing has similarity with the one he wears on Xenoverse under his jacket. With the theory of Mira, Towa and Bardock being related with Black Goku; going by that that making more similarities with Xenoverse won’t really be surprising.

As of now we don’t have sufficient clues to come to a valid conclusion regarding to his powers. Let’s wait and see what happens.

By the way if you want to find out more about Black Goku, you might consider checking these theories out:

And don’t forget to let us know your opinion, theories and predictions on the comments section down bellow.

Future Trunks Dragon Ball Z Super
Future Trunks Dragon Ball Z Super



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