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As The 100 is on its way in wrapping up its third season this week, surely it has been a season to talk about. Lots has happened which has made fans either happy, sad, mad, or just simply frustrated. And that's totally fine! But Season 3 has been an interesting season than the first two seasons to say the least. It definitely has changed up a whole notch, and gives the "post apocalyptical drama" definition a whole new name.

When The 100 first premiered it was a show I instantly got hooked on. Another CW show doing oh so well. It was refreshing and brought something new to the network. The 100 gave that Hunger Games meets Lord of the Flies vibe and that already caught a big audience.

Now as we're almost done with Season 3, it's a different story. Those who were once our favorite delinquent teen characters are not the same as they were before in Season 1. They've been through so much and lost people along the way. Now it isn't much about survival skills on earth but it's a different kind of war with different clans. Alongside that, there is this new ordeal with the City of Light storyline which involves ALIE. Season 3 has gotten darker, darker in a sense where certain plots get kind of graphic to watch. It's a new side of The 100. There is nothing wrong with that ofcourse, because it's a TV show and they're just trying to tell a story. But if you don't happen to have a strong stomach for things, especially in seeing your favorite characters suffering, yeah, that's where it gets super hard to watch and put on a brave face.

Without further ado, here are 5 Times The 100 got excruciatingly hard to watch in Season 3.

5. When Monty was forced to shoot his own mother

This scene was so heartbreaking. Monty didn't have a choice, his mother took the damn CHIP. She was mind-controlled, she wasn't herself and she was scary. She fights Octavia to the ground, about ready to kill her but Monty couldn't bare to have another one of his friends die, especially in the control of ALIE. So he kept yelling at his mother to stop so he wouldn't have to pull the trigger. She kept going, and so he shot his mom in the face, twice. Poor Monty.

4. Raven being the victim of ALIE's mind control, having to do some scary sh*t.

First off, I'd like to applaud Lindsey Morgan for her extraordinary acting this season! She delivered a different side of Raven this season so well, I'm just thinking to myself, give this girl an Emmy already! Raven was a victim of ALIE's insane plan as she took the chip in which she had no control over herself. ALIE made her cut herself in order to make Abby take the chip too. That was just so hard to watch, and when the delinquents had to tie her to a wall, that's when Raven got worse. Yelling and screaming back and forth. Raven has already gone through so much over the seasons and watching her go through this type of torture was unbearable.

3. When Octavia beat the living crap out of Bellamy for Lincoln's death

This one hurt. The Blake siblings at their worst. Blaming Bellamy for Lincoln's death, Octavia let out her anger and grief on her only brother. She just kept going at it, again, and again, and again. My heart hurt for Bellamy as much as it did for all the other Bellamy fans. And he let her beat him until she had enough. As much as it hurt him, he let it happen. Bellamy and Octavia were those siblings that had each other's backs but they did come to a rough patch this season which spiraled things out of control. Hated seeing this, and seeing them both hurting was indeed so hard to watch.

2. When Kane got crucified

This was absolutely gut wrenching to watch, I had to look away. Didn't think this would happen to him, took me by surprise, took us all by surprise. Kane paid the price for not giving up where the delinquents were at, and he also chose to suffer instead of seeing Abby die. KABBY FEELS. He genuinely loves her and this proved that in an unfortunate way. As they nailed him to the cross, one hand and feet at a time, I winced. This was The 100 on another level, didn't see that coming, did you? Kane has grown to be so selfless this season comparing to how he was back in Season 1 and 2. He grew on most people this season, and having to see him go through this was so excruciatingly hard to watch.

1. Lincoln's death

Lincoln. Lincoln's death was the worst of them all. He didn't deserved to die like that, he didn't deserved any of it. But again, he was being the bravest hero you could think of. he sacrificed himself for his own people. He hands were tied with a rope as he was on his knees and took a bullet to the head, execution style. It was heartbreaking and it was surely traumatic to watch on TV. It was so...graphic. The 100 didn't go easy on this on. Having to see Octavia witness it all go down was even more painful as she was helpless in saving the man she loves. Lincoln was one of my favorite characters, and that scene, more like that episode was THE most excruciating scene to watch all season.

What was of the hardest moments to watch this season, for you? Comment below!

And don't miss the Season 3 finale of The 100, this Thursday, May 19th at 9pm/8c only on the CW!


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