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With the first season of the CW's ensemble epic coming to a close with mixed results it's time to look to the future. Yes, while This season of Legends of Tomorrow has gotten mixed results I still have faith in the show having a bright new tomorrow with a new team. Granted I'm also a bit behind on my LOT, but finals have been keeping me busy. Let's get started.

The Question:

This one is the most obvious pick as I've herd a lot of talks about it already floating about and I shamefully don't know enough about The Question as I should though I've liked what little stuff I've read with him in it.

Deadman/Boston Brand

I've always loved Boston Brand and I think that he's a very under used character. I think that given how much Arrow is delving into the more mystical and magical elements of the DCU that now would be the perfect time to bring someone like Deadman into the DCTVU. For those of you who don't know, Deadman (formerly Boston Brand) was an acrobat who got murdered but brought back to life by the Hindu god Rama Kushna to seek vengeance on his murderer. His powers is that in his ghost form he can fly and possess any sentient creature. I think that having someone with that power set and a dead character could bring a lot to the team dynamic.

John Constantine

For obvious reasons I definitely think that Constantine would be on the team next seasons. He's a big character played by a great actor and has a lot of pathos to his character. Much like The Question I don't know about him as much as I should (I'm truthfully more of a Marvel comic guy) but I loved him on Arrow and look forward to seeing him again.


What the hell happened to Huntress? Seriously? I mean I get that characters with big screen counter parts like Deadshot, Deathstroke and Amanda Waller got removed because they didn't want to compete with the films or something but.....What the hell happened to Huntress? I guess also her arch is pretty similar to The Canarys', but still I thought she was a bad ass character and I'd love to see more of her.

Plastic Man

I love Plastic Man, he's a wacky zany living cartoon of a character but also has a lot of depth to be mined that I think could lend its self a lot to the team. He'd also be a great source of comedic relief which I think the show needs like a Cisco type character and he's a shapeshifter and who doesn't love a shapeshifter?

So, those are my picks for additions for season 2, what do y'all think? What DC characters would you love to see join The Waverider? Comment below and as always share the love!



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