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[Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) was a good movie for me. I really enjoyed it. Too bad that they didn't cast Green Lantern before they finished filming. Now the big question is will we get Jon Stewart or Hal Jordan for the Justice League film? I think they will go with Jon Stewart because Tyrese Gibson has been trying like hell to get the role. If Chris Pine wasn't already cast as Steve Trevor in 2017 for Wonder Woman, then I'd think we were getting Hal Jordan.

While the film with the entire Lantern Corps universe will be in 2020, I'm thinking Jon Stewart will already be in the Justice League before that time comes.

The League is the Key

The Justice League
The Justice League

Yes, I know that Warner Bros. are using the New 52 line up which means: Aquaman, Hal Jordan, Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, Flash, and Cyborg. However, Marvel studios made mad success with changing the original line up for their film so I wouldn't be too shocked if DC did the same thing. Remember, we'll see all of our favorite Green Lanterns in 2020. This is just us trying to figure out who our Justice League Green Lantern is and when he'll show up.

How to Introduce him

Have Green Lantern sent back to Earth to fill the Justice League in on Darkseid. Only a few problems with this scenario though. Superman is thought to be dead at the end so he is out of the picture and won't know what's going on. Batman and Wonder Woman are out recruiting Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman. To fix this, Superman is the first person that Jon finds. Green Lantern brings him up to speed and Superman tells him about the events of him and Batman.

On the other hand, we have Batman and Wonder Woman. They're off finding the others and sooner or later all seven are going to meet up and we'll get the "But you were dead" speech. With the team somewhat formed now, they'll be ready for Darkseid.

The Battle!

I imagine when Darkseid comes, that there will be two fronts. A ground front and a space front. Superman and and Green Lantern will take the fight to outer space and the other League members will keep the Earth safe from Darkseid's forces. I'm only comparing this to Marvel to put the final fight in perspective.

Just imagine the first Avengers movie, but Iron Man and Thor fly up to the portal together and board the enemy ship. Pretty much Superman and Green Lantern, but the portal leads to Apocalypse, the homeworld of Darkseid. Also instead of the Tesseract, there will be boom tubes, etc.

Green Lantern First, Justice League Second

While the Earth is under his protection anyway, he still has other responsibilities as a Green Lantern. Always remember that. Not all members are full time.


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