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Spider-Man's absence in the marketing for Captain America: Civil War was questionable, but still completely understandable. For most of the advertising run, Spidey was only seen briefly at the end of the second trailer. And in the days leading up to the movie's release, he was featured in a couple TV spots. Nothing more, nothing less.

But with the film out now, Spider-Man has finally found his place in the movie's toy line-up. Although there's only three things right now, he'll no doubt find himself joining the likes of plastic Iron Man and Captain America. So what toys have we seen him in?

Captain America: Civil War Marvel Legends Three-Pack

It first popped up on eBay before every other site got their hands on it, Spidey's first toy came in the form of a Civil War Legends tie-in, also featuring a battle-worn Cap and Iron Man. Though still a pre-order, it's set to come out this August. The set includes four blasters, interchangeable helmet-less Tony and Steve heads, and the shield (which can also be held by Spidey).

Captain America: Civil War Pop! Vinyl Figure and Key Chain 4-Pack

Just yesterday, Funko unveiled their POP! Vinyl for Spider-Man (and Hawkeye), as well as two Iron Man and Captain America keychains. In this one, Spider-Man holds Cap's shield with one hand (a recurring motif to show that he's in the MCU now), and ready to unleash his webbing with his other hand. Both him and Hawkeye are doing little side-lunges, and Peter's eyes are slightly squinted to show that the lenses shift. And to top it all off, his mask has lines etched into it. And then Funko dumped more stuff into the same pack because they knew people would buy it. Gotta love big corporations!

Tanker Truck Takedown

After three Lego sets, Hawkeye (noticing a theme here?), Vision, and Spider-Man make their first appearance, with a third appearance from Captain America. There's little in the way of setting; just a truck, motorcycle, and air-thingy. But it's not hard to see that Spidey is the star, and rightfully so! The suit looks absolutely amazing in minifigure form, taking on a more navy blue in comparison to the regular minifigs for Spidey. The torso printing looks great too, with the blue making more appearances than just on the waist. The best part, though? The webbing. What we've seen so far in Lego's taking on the webbing is either string or a 2D cobweb. This time, it's in a cone form! And a bonus easter-egg: the truck is from the evil company Roxxon, which has played a minor role in the MCU.

A little bit on Hawkeye now, it seem he's been lumped together with Spider-Man (a character who will definitely sell) in order to make sure his figures are unloaded without too much of a loss. To be fair, though, how inclined would you be to buy a Hawkeye POP! (or Lego set), if big names like Spider-Man or Vision weren't there?

What are you planning on getting?


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