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What is it that draws us to found footage films? In essence, they tend to lack what we most enjoy about a good horror movie, don’t they? WRONG! So wrong, and I am going to tell you why (how lucky for you). Found footage (although sometimes hard to watch), gives you the first person experience of living through the horror yourself, without the feeling of a large studio production, or a f*cking snuff film. When executed properly, found footage gives us a very real sense of horror, much different from other sub-genres.

Check out these 5 picks below. Some are less known, some got a bad rap, but all are horrific in their own way.


Judging by its low rating I decided to give this title a shot. I have come to realize that 99% of the time you read a review or rating on a horror movie (unless of course from a horror-specific source), it tends to be from someone impartial to, or generally not fond of, the horror genre as a whole. Needless to say, I was thrilled to run into this horror rarity: a found footage/anthology mashup. Found footage for a sense of realism, and anthology for my short attention span. Can I get a HELL YEAH?!!

Bonus is you can also binge out on Netflix as V/H/S is just the first of the trilogy, but by far the best.

Devils Pass

Hands down my favorite found footage film of all time. It isn’t overly loaded with a lot of jump scares or brutal fight scenes but what it lacks in fright and gore, it makes up for in intrigue and complexity. This movie is a brilliant incorporation of many of the theories of one of the world’s greatest unsolved mysteries, The Dyatlov Pass Incident, as well as a pretty gnarly theory of it’s own. This movie is not for everyone, but it is perfectly crafted for horror fans obsessed with conspiracy/alternate theories and unsolved mysteries. Devil’s Pass is a top shelf movie in my home, if you watch it and are still unsure as to why, I highly suggest doing extensive research on the original incident. It really puts the movie into perspective.

The Frankenstein Theory

What ever was to become of Frankenstein’s “fabled” monster? Has anyone ever wondered? Surely he was not born of the natural world, so could he have died in such a way? If not, what fate could have befallen this animated-masterpiece of an assembled man?

If you are seeking answers and/or alternate theories on the the whereabouts of this legendary man-beast than this is a film you may enjoy. What it lacks in mass appeal it certainly makes up for in a well researched, complexly written story with some impressive conclusions and theories!

It also has a cameo from Joe Egender, which may or may not be the reason I gave this movie a shot to begin with. Pretty flipping happy I did though, it was badass.

Well played, boys.


I truly loved the spin this film puts on the origin of the zombie plague. Zombies in their own right are terrifying already, but add the possibility that this could be real, and the scare factor goes through the roof. There isn’t an overabundance of special effects, shitty costumes or pointless romance scenes in this one. There is however, the looming fear and sense of impending doom as you feel the claustrophobia and panic ooze from the screen.

Cannibal Holocaust

I’m sure that I am going to catch a butt-load of heat for this one, but I am just going to say it: Cannibal Holocaust was not only horrific, but it was an incredibly profound and moving film. IF you have not heard of this title I must warn you, it was at one point one of the most globally banned films of all time, and if I believed in censorship I may have said “for good reason.” Unfortunately, you must sit through some scenes involving actual animal cruelty (NOT COOL) and hardcore rape and torture.

However, if you can manage to make it through this brutal lifelike horror mockumentary, it will resonate with you on a very humane level, or at least, on a very real one. Cannibal Holocaust, may be absolutely hated by most, but that does not change this fact: This movie is not far-fetched at all. If anything, it is a humanitarian tool. Although I do not by any means condone the act of violence against animals (for any reason) this film is worth a watch, even just once, to open your eyes to the reality that is our “heroic” media.

Now all I want is a found footage movie based off the unsolved disappearance of Michael Rockefeller.

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