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The Star Wars trilogies are the ultimate space opera about the Skywalker family. The prequel films centered on Anakin Skywalker and his love interest Padme Amidala. The original trilogy focused on their twin children Luke and Princess Leia. The sequel trilogy introduces us to the third generation with Rey and Kylo Ren.

The childhood of Rey mirrors Luke Skywalker. They both grew up on desert planets without knowing the identity of their parents. They were poor and supported themselves through humble means. They also had mysterious old men to protect and mentor them. They seemed unaware of their great powers and felt like they were unable to change their situation. Through strange turns of events, they awakened to the Force and got swept up into fighting the forces of evil.

Queen Amidala and Rey Skywalker
Queen Amidala and Rey Skywalker

There’s no doubt Rey is the daughter of Luke Skywalker. First of all, she carries a strong resemblance to her Grandmother Amidala. However the evidence shows Rey is not Leia’s child. Her husband Han Solo didn’t recognize her and never met Rey until their encounter on-screen. Han was generous enough though to offer Rey a job on the Millennium Falcon. Leia had never met Rey until their meeting on-screen either. Leia did not hug her like she would a daughter. However they both recognized through the Force that they were related and belonged to the Skywalker bloodline. Rey was the daughter of Leia’s long lost brother. This explains why Leia sent her with Chewbacca to retrieve Luke once they located him on Ahch-To, the location of the first Jedi temple.

After the empire fell, Luke began to rebuild the Jedi Order. He recruited many Force sensitive individuals throughout the galaxy. One of them was his nephew Ben Solo, son of Leia and Han Solo. The mysterious Supreme Leader Snoke feared Luke Skywalker more than anything and dreaded the return of the Jedi. So he went to a cave near the Jedi school and began a relationship with the fifteen year old Solo. Snoke found a path to lead Ben to the Dark Side. He sensed much anger in Ben, especially towards his parents. So he seduced Ben to the Dark Side by offering to teach him more about Darth Vader. So Ben pulled a Vader and killed all the students at the school. Then he joined the Knights of Ren and renamed himself Kylo Ren. This Dark Side cult founded by the former Jedi knight Ezra Bridger worshiped Darth Vader. They were known for their brutality and great wickedness. They joined the fanatical First Order, and Supreme Leader Snoke took them under his wing as his apprentices.

However Luke was not present at the time that Kylo Ren killed all his students. Although he taught them much in the ways of the Force, he gave them little light saber training. Luke saw his family was in danger. So he sent his wife and five year old daughter Rey to live on Jakku and had his trusted friend Lor San Tekka watch over them in his absence. Luke performed a Jedi mind trick on his daughter to block out her memories. He gave his friend a missing clue of his whereabouts, so Rey could find her father when she was old enough. He also stuck another important clue in his R2 unit and gave it to his sister Leia. He programmed the droid to awaken from sleep mode when Rey came into its presence. After Kylo Ren captured his cousin Rey at Takodana, he tried to use the Dark Side to read her mind. This plan backfired, and she ended up reading his mind instead. He also undid the mind trick that Luke performed on her. This restored Rey’s memories and also her early training with the Force.

Rey Confronts her Father at the Ancient Jedi Temple
Rey Confronts her Father at the Ancient Jedi Temple

The big reveal in the series is not Rey’s father. She already knows the identity of her father. This explains why she looks so somber when meeting him for the first time in years. The big reveal is her mother. Star Wars is like a poem, and it has a certain rhyme and rhythm to it. It tells the story through various themes, sequences, and repetition which capture the imagination. It also relates a powerful message about morality and the struggles that ordinary people go through. While the original trilogy was about fathers, the sequel trilogy is about mothers.

"This is not the plot twist you’re looking for."

Rey’s mother is Captain Phasma. The biggest argument in favor of this seemingly unimportant character is that no one will expect such a thing. Just like Luke’s father was Darth Vader, Rey’s mother is someone we have already seen on screen. Rey’s mother will be the kind of evil she seeks to destroy. When her mother reveals her identity, it will hit Rey like a ton of bricks. She will play a reverse role of Mara Jade from the Expanded Universe. Mara Jade was originally a Dark Sider which turned to the light. However Captain Phasma was a Light Sider that turned to the dark.

Captain Phasma says, “Luke Skywalker never told you about your mother… I am your mother.”

It appears that Luke gave Captain Phasma some training with a light saber. This also explain why the storm troopers of the First Order were trained to use light saber resistant weapons. When Luke sent her and their daughter to Jakku, she abandoned her daughter to join the First Order. She built her armor out of a wrecked Naboo star ship that once belonged to Emperor Palpatine. Captain Phasma believed in the empire, and joining the First Order was her opportunity to advance that ideology and system of rule. She soon rose through the ranks and became responsible for training storm troopers and brain washing them with First Order propaganda. Her soldiers fulfill a mothering role for her in a rather perverted way. She told her soldiers their loyalty should be to the First Order, first and foremost. They also should be willing to die for their cause. Captain Phasma though was a hypocrite, and she did not truly believe what she preached. This was proven when she lowered the shield on Starkiller Base for Han Solo and Finn without a fight. Just like other Dark Siders, her loyalty was to herself and no one else. Captain Phasma was a thug in every sense of the word. When the First Order attacked the villagers on Jakku, she was an accomplice in the murder of Lor San Tekka, the man whom Luke sent to protect her.

Finn Confronts Former Comrade TR-8R
Finn Confronts Former Comrade TR-8R

To make matters worse, Captain Phasma is the daughter of Obi-wan Kenobi. This can explain Luke’s original interest in her, since she was the daughter of her beloved mentor. It seems that after Order 66 and the destruction of the Jedi Order, Obi-wan rejected his vow of celibacy. He no longer felt loyalty or an obligation to an order no longer in existence. This means Rey is a Skywalker/Kenobi hybrid. Evidence on screen comes from the fact Obi-wan and Rey are the only Light Siders in Star Wars that speak with a British accent. Everyone else with a British accent is a villain. Also Rey can be seen poking around on Starkiller Base, much like Obi-wan did on the first Death Star. Rey is very powerful in the Force. While she was held captive, she also performed the old Jedi mind trick on the storm trooper that her grandfather had mastered. One must give Rey credit, even though it took her two tries.

Rey: You will remove these restraints and leave this cell with the door open.
Stormtrooper: I will remove these restraints and leave this cell with the door open.
Rey: You will drop your weapon.
Stormtrooper: I will drop my weapon

Captain Phasma may have sensed her daughter’s presence on the base after she awakened to the Force. Her behavior might indicate that she wanted to ensure her daughter's escape. One may wonder why Luke was ever attracted to someone like Captain Phasma in the first place, but realize that the Dark Side changes people. It turns them into things we no longer recognize. However Captain Phasma escaped from the garbage chute after her brother-in-law Han threw her in it. She also boarded a spacecraft before the Starkiller Base exploded and will return as the ultimate baddie. Fortunately for her the security footage of her lowering the shield was destroyed, because otherwise the First Order would execute Captain Phasma.

However the biggest secret in Star Wars is the identity of Supreme Leader Snoke. He is in fact Darth Plagueis the Wise, the former master of Emperor Palpatine. He cheated death at the hand of his apprentice and returned to power when he founded the First Order. He renamed himself Supreme Leader Snoke so his enemies would not take him seriously, and he rather liked it that way. He also fathered Anakin Skywalker. Darth Plagueis began many experiments with the Dark Side to influence living things. He sent his seed across the galaxy to create a Sith weapon powerful in the Force unlike any other. He wanted the ability to destroy the Jedi and also his apprentice, if needed. However his seed sensed the Sith’s malicious intent and changed paths. Instead it chose to impregnate a woman of humble and caring nature named Shmi Skywalker. This brought into existence the Chosen One, prophesied by the ancient Jedi to bring balance to the Force. Anakin was conceived by both the Dark Side and the Light. Although Anakin descended into the Dark Side and became Darth Vader, he found redemption when he rejected the Dark Side and gave his life to spare his son Luke at the hand of the emperor.

Dark Father and Son
Dark Father and Son

Kylo Ren will mirror Darth Vader in every way. He will become more evil and darker than dark. He pulled Darth Vader’s helmet out of the pyre at Endor, and he prays to it to give him inspiration. Although Kylo wanted to embrace the darkness, the redeemed spirit of Anakin called out to his grandson to bring him back to the light. However Snoke though spoke through the helmet to manipulate Kylo Ren even further, to kill his family and destroy the entire Skywalker bloodline. Afterwards Snoke planned to crush Kylo Ren as well. Snoke wanted to bring balance to the Force from his point of view. He realized conceiving Anakin maybe was a mistake. He never intended for Anakin to have children, and he feared the Skywalker bloodline might be his undoing.

Darth Vader struck down his former master Obi-wan in revenge. Kylo Ren will do the same to Luke Skywalker, whom he betrayed. Just like Obi-wan, Luke will go but not because he lost. He will allow Kylo Ren to strike at him, and then he will become one with the Force. Luke was worthless to Snoke, since he already rejected the Dark Side. After his death, Snoke will believe his great-grandson served his purpose. Then he will instruct the Knights of Ren through a hologram to kill Kylo Ren. He will escape and see the futility of the Dark Side. He will realize that Snoke was just using him and sandbagging him. He will also question the power of the Dark Side after he loses twice in a light saber duel with a girl. Then Kylo Ren will return to the light. Because of what he did to his father Han Solo and to his Uncle Luke, no one will trust him. However the Skywalkers will engage the Knights of Ren in a fight to the death. During the final climatic battle, Snoke will try to destroy the Skywalkers and prove a formidable foe. He will reveal that he is their ancestor. However Kylo Ren will play an important role in destroying Snoke. Kylo Ren will be redeemed because he rejected the Dark Side and sacrificed himself to save the others.

Although Kylo Ren will be redeemed, my guess is Captain Phasma will not. Captain Phasma really wanted to join the First Order, but both Darth Vader and Kylo Ren joined the Dark Side because they were tricked. The Skywalkers were conceived from the darkness and the light, and this made them highly unstable. This affected the males more than the females. Both Darth Plagueis and Darth Sidious were foolish to believe they could control them. The Jedi were equally foolish in this regard as well. They proved to be the undoing of the Jedi, and they will also bring about the destruction of the Sith. Captain Phasma though will be forced to make a choice. Her daughter Rey will confront her and ask her to come back to the light. She will reject the offer and die in darkness.

Many in the First Order will see the futility of the Dark Side and turn away from it. Then Rey will begin to rebuild the new Jedi Order, without the corrupting influence of the Dark Side. Rey is also one generation removed from Luke, who was trained by Obi-wan and Yoda. When the new Jedi Order emerges, they will create a system based on love for fellow man, and they will dismantle the system of evil created by Darth Plagueis. Once again the Jedi will become the guardians of peace and justice throughout the galaxy.

The Skywalker Family Tree
The Skywalker Family Tree

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