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If you're a fan of great indie films, especially those of the sci-fi/thriller variety, and will be in the LA area June 2-12, then slip on those dancing shoes and tango on over to catch Beacon Point at Dances with Films!

Beacon Point is a terror-filled tale about a group of hikers lost on the Appalachian Trail, that stumble across an ancient secret that threatens their survival. It stars Rae Olivier (House of Good and Evil as "Rachel Marie Lewis"), Jon Briddell (Pretty Boy), Jason Burkey (October Baby), and Eric Goins (Ride Along 2).

This is a can't miss film that is receiving high praise from critics and those within the film industry. Horror Homeroom, says:

Beacon Point is a fantastic addition to the ever-increasing catalog of eco-horror films.

This is no ordinary hunting trip.
This is no ordinary hunting trip.

"This camping trip is no picnic in the woods!", says SCREAM: THE INTERNATIONAL HORROR MAGAZINE

And Decay Magazine proclaims it to be:

A superb conception, merging aspects of Sci-Fi and Thriller!

This isn't happening!
This isn't happening!

Beacon Point will be screening, FRIDAY, JUNE 10 @ 11:45PM! Tickets can be purchased through Fandango!

For more about Dances with Films, along with screening schedules and ticket information for all the 2016 selections, visit the website below!

Dances with Films Website

A gruesome discovery.
A gruesome discovery.

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