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Update 5/15 5:30 PM: Rees has personally updated us on social media, telling us that the previous claims of his mental health were false, and that he has not ever been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder. Additionally, he mentioned how grateful he was of the outpouring of support from friends and fans alike.

Update 5/14 7:51 PM: Rees' friend, Jeff Rosenthal, has updated us on Twitter, saying that Rees has been found and is home.

Original Article: Jonny Rees (a.k.a. Greg Ellis) is an actor that you undoubtedly know from somewhere, thanks to his 204 credits on IMDB. Whether its for his voice acting work as Cullen in Dragon Age: Inquisition, or as Lieutenant Theodore Groves in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. And remember the Carpathia steward that asked for Rose's name in Titanic? Yep, that was Rees too.

Jonny Rees (Greg Ellis) as Carpathia Steward in Titanic (1997)
Jonny Rees (Greg Ellis) as Carpathia Steward in Titanic (1997)

Some BioWare (Dragon Age) forum members brought Rees' disappearance to the public's attention yesterday. If you think you've found Jonny Rees, please call the Missing Person Units at LAPD: 213-996-1800. Ask regarding Jonny Rees. If you believe that you've seen Jonny, please do not contact anyone other than LAPD.

Here's What We Know So Far (May 14):

Rees was last seen on May 11, at 2:15 PM PST. Last Twitter/Facebook activity was on May 12, at 4:32 PM PST. Rees' friend believes that Rees may be having a manic bipolar episode. Reportedly, he was last seen shirtless, and left important belongings (ID, wallet, phone) in his house, with all doors open. He was reported missing when he didn't show up for a scheduled visit with his boys. Hospitals have been notified of his disappearance.

I will update this article as we discover new information.


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