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Hello my dearest reader, I just wanted to send an invitation to you. I cordially invite you to watch the amazing FX show The Americans. I feel that it's a show that like Hannibal is a essential piece of TV that I feel far too few people are watching. The show which is in its fourth season now is about a seemingly normal seemingly American family whose parents are really KGB spies unbeknownst to their FBI neighbor. What makes it so classic? Well, firstly, I feel that it is doing what most great shows are doing lately with exceptional, multidimensional characters.

Yes, the characters in this show do bad things, but you can really see how much of a toll their actions take on them physically, psychologically and emotionally. Also, the show seems to have a definitive end point that it's most definitely working towards with each season being another domino falling into place. It feels like Breaking Bad in that sense of it's self awareness and yes I would say that this is indeed very comparable to Breaking Bad in quality. I also think that it's never idle, each season introduces something new and interesting to keep the overall story propelling and compelling.

The show also has a major sense of history both of its own narrative and the real historical events that its fictitious characters are living through. There are characters who enter and exit that aren't forgotten and whose actions have an effect on the characters long after their gone which I greatly applaud. The show also really well cements its timeline with many historical events in it such as the attempted Reagan assassination, many important Reagan speeches about The Cold War, EST, the mention of movies and more. However and most importantly, none of the references feel too exploitative and they fit the narrative.

That goes in spades for the soundtrack which is amazing and flows so naturally with songs like Fleetwood Mac's Tusk, Gold, Harden my Heart by Quarterflash, Passion by Rod Stewart and many more they are truly serene sounds. The acting is exceptional all around from the stars Kerri Russell and Matthew Rhys, Noah whose chemistry and general bad assity sizzles of the screen, both giving amazing performances, Emmerich (the exceptional character actor and writer of the amazing film Frequency), Richard Thomas (from It and the incredibly under rated Battle Beyond the Stars), Lev Gorn, Costa Ronin, Allison Wright and Holly Taylor.

The show also is an exceptional showcase for a slew of amazing guest stars like FX alumni Margo Martindale (from Justified, Dexter, August Osage County and more), Frank Langela (mother f***ing Dracula, also in Frost/Nixon, Robot and Frank and many others), John Carroll Lynch (from The Invitation, Fargo and Zodiac), Derek Luke (from Antwone Fisher and Captain America) and Dylan Baker (from the Spider-man trilogy). The show (like a lot of other FX shows) also has a great ad campaign with each season getting a great trailer which has yet another classic 80's song (including one for season 3 which I swear is a awesome cover of The Police's Every Move You Make by Trent Reznor) perfectly integrated into it as well as an awesome Drew Struzanesque artistic posters.

It may be a bit soon to say this now, given that the show is supposed to have two more seasons which I feel would wrap it up perfectly, but I could easily see The Americans being looked back at as a TV masterpiece. I can't recommend this show highly enough, the first three seasons are free on Amazon Prime and I highly, I implore you to seek out this show and watch it. You'll thank me for some of the best TV you've ever seen. So, have you seen this amazing show? What do you think of it? Comment below and share the love!



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