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With the season finale closely looming in, Arrow makes a hard stance between choosing between choosing evil and a lesser evil. The episode revolves around ‘Monument Point’. It is an army base 300 miles off Star City, and contains a couple of million people according to Lyla Michaels. We see a central The episode consists of Damien Dahrk’s launching of Project Genesis, an operation to launch Rubicon protocol and override the world’s nuclear missiles to target anywhere he pleases. Turns out, he targets the United States for his destruction of the world and rebuilding of it.

A Reunion of A Father and A Daughter

Damien Dahrk wants to launch a nuclear missile from Russia and they are powerless it seems. In order to override Dahrk’s plans and hack into their defense systems, they need to override Rubicon’s failsafe. It also turns out, the failsafe is unhackable and that Felicity Smoak isn’t the best hacker out there. There is one more who is smarter than her: her own father Noah Kuttler aka The Calculator. The team has little close to a day to override the failsafe. Meanwhile Damien Dahrk formulates his own plan to capture Noah. He realizes Noah could be detrimental to his plans and could destroy him. Dahrk therefore recruits Murmur and Brick (a villain from Season 3). Brick may not be used to taking orders, but Dahrk reminds him who freed him and gave him a chance to live after the world is destroyed. Meanwhile Oliver and John have their own plans of finding Noah. They locate Noah in a building, but he was already chased out it seems. They realize it was Dahrk’s men to chased him, and Noah was smart enough to evade capture by moving out quick. He moved to a cabin by the woods named ‘Ravenspurgh’, where Felicity’s mom Donna informs she was conceived. The team quickly rescues Noah who was being gunned down by Dahrk’s goons and brings Noah back to their hideout. Felicity and Noah reconcile, although not on the best of terms, but they agree to work together. Saving the world was the priority and Noah was prepared to get his hands dirty. Just not with the computer at hand. He wants the Quantum Subluminal processor developed by Felicity at Palmer Tech.

Felicity’s Predicament

Felicity does not attend any of the board meetings and does not answer the calls of Mr. Dennis, who is a board member at Palmer Tech if you remember from previous seasons. Mr. Dennis has been covering up for Felicity’s absence at Palmer Tech and has become impatient with her lackadaisical attitude towards her responsibilities in the company. As such, he ran out of patience when Felicity opted to speak to her mother who paid a visit rather than meetup with the board. The board ran out of patience as well and terminated her contract, and she was asked to be escorted out by security. Unable to get the processor, she decided she needs to rob her own building now now with the help of Oliver. She sneaks with Noah into the building forty-five minutes later with Oliver standing-by disguised as a regular guy (Arrow suit with raise alarms if he walked into Palmer Tech). He takes care of guards that were headed Noah and Felicity’s way, before an alarm triggered go more guards to search the place. With time limited, it was probably an awkward time to talk about their father-daughter relationship. Felicity gets locked out of the keypad she used to open the storage to her processor. Noah suggests getting an electromagnetic wave generator which will force-restart the keypad and open up. Felicity remembers she had one, and grabs it from a desk and opens the storage. She tries to open the processor’s container but not without the alarm sounding. With security incoming, Noah decides to copy the processor’s operating code wirelessly on his ‘sniffer’ device so that they can clone it later on back at the hideout.

Another Father-Daughter Reunites

Thea’s story seems to be strangely put to the side for the past couple of episodes now, and on ‘Monument Point’ her progress seemed more crammed into rather than being organic. Thea and Malcolm Merlyn reunite underground inside the dome built to keep survivors safe from the nuclear blast. Merlyn plays the daughter loving card again, but Thea calls out on the criminal her father is. Merlyn is alright with this Genesis operation because he wanted to do the same to the Glades, just on a smaller scale. This was pretty much a repetitive moment except Thea complies to stay underground in exchange for getting what she wants: seeing Alex. He finds Alex, but not before she realizes he has been brainwashed and drugged into believing in Genesis. Merlyn steps in and informs that Lonnie Machin aka Anarky (remember him from episode ‘The Candidate?) is underground and is out to kill Dahrk. He already took Dahrk’s guards hostage and Damien advised Merlyn to get her daughter to ‘help him’ or they are all dead. Thea goes in without a weapon, as her father does not trust her with one. Lonnie is portrayed by Cameron Monaghan (formerly of Gotham playing the demented character Jerome) and not Alexander Calvert on this episode. While trying to convince Lonnie that Thea is on her side and would help take down Dahrk in exchange for these innocent lives that he captured (drugged by Dahrk though), Merlyn shoots an arrow at Lonnie. A fight ensues as Thea and Lonnie bring it on, and Alex gets caught up in the mix and apparently dies from a taser blow. Thea manages to knock out Lonnie, but before losing him for good maybe.


Oliver and Taiana map out an escape route to a plane off the island, but not without getting help first. They need to confront Reiter and take the idol from him that is sourcing him his powers. The more he kills, the more he grows strong, just like Dahrk. As such, he has grown stronger by killing a few of the stragglers. Reiter finds Oliver and they fight, but Reiter clearly overpowers him with magic. Taina sneaks in shoots Reiter continously and steals the idol while they fight. Oliver gets an assault rifle and shoots Reiter until he falls. The idol starts to power up in Taiana’s possession. Oliver and Taina escapes but the idol has affected her it seems. Her eyes start to glow just like Reiter’s did. Is this the beginning of the end for our island heroine? The connection between Reiter and Oliver seems to be a little weak here, not like Fyers, Slade Wilson or Yamashiro in previous seasons. They might yet recover this flashback episode and reconcile it with the present, but there are only two episodes left.Untitled-1-Recovered-Recovered

Donna and Quentin’s subplot

Donna rummages through some documents of Quentin Lance’s and finds out that he has a document acknowledging he had no knowledge of Laurel being the Black Canary to save his job. Donna forces Quentin to reconsider this or reconsider her. Quentin obliges and might end up losing his job but at least he would rest in the knowledge that the truth about him knowing about Laurel was out. It was a forced subplot, whether it was necessary is up for debate in an extremely congested episode already.

Monument Point Lock down

The central theme of the episode revolved around hacking into Rubicon’s fail safe and diverting the missile’s target from Monument Point to someplace else. Noah managed to stop other nukes from getting launched for twenty four hours but the one headed towards Monument Point seemed ‘stubborn’. Felicity managed to reroute the destination to Havenrock, where the missile hit and destroyed tens of thousands of lives. Lyla consoles her saying Monument Point would have been a couple of million. Mission accomplished – at the cost of innocent lives. The episode ends with Oliver and John invading Star City City Hall and finding Dahrk gaining more power from the idol at the cost of those innocent lives lost at Havenrock. A cliffhanger awaits.


The episode was crammed with too many stories to tell and seemed to shove aside Thea and Merlyn for a roller coaster ride with old foes. The side plot with Quentin and Donna was ill-placed for an episode which focuses on the tension of saving our heroes from nuclear annihilation. ‘Monument Point’ was a rather crude way to get towards the season finale but it told a story that not everyone has a happy ending. It showed the dark, realistic picture of making choices as Felicity made by diverting the missile. As Thea made by staying back for Alex but ending up hurting and probably losing him. At the cost of Quentin’s job perhaps in the police force for knowing about Laurel’s secret identity. Those parts were well-told nevertheless. The flashbacks were rushed and did not connect properly as a serious tale from Oliver’s past. ‘Monument Point’ will get a 7/10.


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