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This talented, traditional comic artist gives classic Star Wars characters the graphic novel treatment in a series of stunning watercolor illustrations.

We can thank artist Aaron Minier for these traditional greyscale/minimal-color renditions of our friends from a galaxy far, far away. These works are dramatic yet refined, and somehow give off a mature vibe that says "yes, I am an adult who enjoys contemplating a war about stars, from time to time. Perhaps I have a classy wall hanging on the subject. Would you care to discuss the finer points of droid sentience, or who may or may not have shot first?"

According to Minier's bio:

"I'm freelance illustrator/comic artist. I worked with Wildstorm/DC on the PUSH miniseries as well as Tales from the Fringe. My work can also be found in the pages of "Battle of Destiny", a graphic novel penned by Chuck Dixon, and Black Rose, my self published collaborative fantasy/steampunk comic book."

An impressive body of work. You can check out more of the artist's collection over at his DeviantART gallery. And now, scroll down for the Star Wars goodness!

Luke Skywalker, ROTJ


Mara Jade (Expanded Universe)

Han and Leia

Darth Vader


Han and Chewie - "Scoundrels"

What do you think? Show some love in the comments, and cast a vote for your favorite piece! But please, keep all commentary respectful. Remember that this talented artist is a human like you, giving us their work on their own time, for the love of the art and the characters. Rock on, and see you again real soon!


Which is your fave?


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