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Fans have a laundry list of complaints as to why The Thing (2011) prequel fell well short of John Carpenter's 1982 classic. While the CGI-heavy prequel lacked many of the elements that made the first film such a cult hit, it allowed us to finally learn what fate befell the Norwegian researchers — information that remained largely a mystery to the American research team.

However, one aspect of the film that should not be overlooked is how perfectly the prequel dovetails into the start of the 1982 original. To highlight this juxtaposition, one fan went so far as to carefully blend the two films together, creating a seamless transition from the prequel into the original movie. Check out the slick video made by Justin Saumier below:

The 2011 prequel ends with Lars and Matias loading up the helicopter to chase after an escaped Husky, which is actually the creature merely assuming the appearance of a dog.

As the helicopter navigates across the arctic terrain, the transition from one film to the next is barely noticeable, appearing as if no time has passed since the events of the first film led into the second. That's some cleverly smooth editing; it took me several watches before I could pinpoint the switch.

Bonus Easter Egg

This video also does a great job of highlighting a major hidden secret in the original film: The opening dialogue from the 1982 movie actually gives away the entire plot!

Dude, spoilers!
Dude, spoilers!

Had the researchers at the base understood Norwegian, then the movie might have ended much quicker. The original film didn't include English subtitles, so this major plot reveal was kept a secret even to audiences (save for those that spoke Norwegian, of course). It was a pretty gusty move on Carpenter's part — thankfully it didn't spoil the movie for most of us!

Kudos to Justin Saumier for his efforts to unite the two films. The continuity here is chillingly sweet and adds a new sense of tension leading into the original film. I'd love to see this footage included in a double feature with both movies — who else agrees?

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