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With only a few months until Season 6 of FX's hit show American Horror Story steps onto our screens and into our nightmares, details of old faces, new faces and plot are still pretty thin on the ground. However, could a recent dinner with Horror Story actress Lady Gaga point to the involvement of a certain Mr. Bradley Cooper? Could it be the time for Rocket Racoon to join the "bloody" impressive cast-list of everyone's favorite gory story.

The Hangover star has been getting chummy with Gaga on several occasions, most recently when the pair were spotted in Santa Monica, where Cooper shared a dinner with the "Bad Romance" singer. We already know that Gaga (real name Stefani Germanotta) will return for the (as yet) untitled sixth season of Ryan Murphy's horror anthology, but as for Cooper, a source told Us Weekly that he and Gaga "might be working on a project together."

While this project is speculated to be Cooper's directorial debut for his remake of A Star Is Born, that project has already hit a snag and — just like most of the AHS characters — it was presumed deceased. Back in March, Beyoncé Knowles was attached to A Star Is Born, but talks fell through due to Bae's financial demands. Is A Star Is Born back on track, or are Gaga and Cooper teaming up for Season 6 of American Horror Story?

"But wait, he is too big for that, " you cry! Well, let's look at it. As If having Naomi Campbell cameo last season weren't "Hollywood" enough for you, Lady Gaga's performance as the Countess was certainly a surprise for fans of the show. The switch from music to acting managed to win the majority of her critics and paved the way for her to return this year. The show is known for its out-there casting and this wouldn't exactly be Cooper's first time on the small screen: One of his first roles was as a hunky date for Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City.

However, Cooper's casting could just be a pipe dream; details on the sixth season still remain sparse, but rumored plots range from ghost ships to orphanages. We know that this season will take place in both a modern and a classical time-frame, and is expected to have something to do with children — damn those creepy kids. Can you see Bradley and Gaga as a wealthy couple who adopt a troublesome child, only to be hacked to pieces two episodes later? Check out six other ideas for where AHS Season 6 could be set.

Bradley Cooper would definitely be a welcome addition to the AHS alumni. With the likes of Evan Peters, Angela Bassett and Kathy Bates all set to return, we are sure that some more big names will be hitting the credits before American Horror Story's October debut. In the meantime, check out everything we know so far about Season 6 of AHS.

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