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Let's see, these spandex-clad heroes have already stole the show in 2016 in their respective movies. They did it by being faithful to their comic book counterparts and being absolutely hilarious in the process.

Starting a new comic can be a daunting task with tons of back-issues worth of vital information and characters you've never heard of to catch-up. Don't fret, Spider-Man/Deadpool is the perfect comic for anyone to pickup and start reading!

Spider-Man/Deadpool/Marvel Comics
Spider-Man/Deadpool/Marvel Comics

Comics are not very cheap for people without an abundance of money to spend monthly. I find myself buying Daredevil, The Amazing Spider, Batman, Deadpool, Ms. Marvel, and Spider-Gwen each time a new issue comes out. If I'm in a different mood then I usually purchase Harley Quinn, Hellblazer, and The Flash! Those are the comics that I buy each month and I am currently engrossed with there ongoing stories.

There have been plenty of chatter going on over the internet about a team-up of Spidey and Deadpool at the movies. I am for it, but it'd be crazy to think this could actually happen. Marvel Studios love their PG-13 movies and I'm not sure how funny Wade would be holstered by those limitations. Well, don't worry, you can read the amazing Spider-Man/Deadpool comic at Marvel and not be disappointed!

Spider-Man/Marvel Comics
Spider-Man/Marvel Comics

I love how this story is separated from their main books (yet, still takes place in the main continuity) and continue their bromantic story in style. Peter Parker is one of greatest human beings in all of comics and Wade Wilson wants to be more like Spidey.

I'm pretty sure that Deadpool only like two people in all of comics: Peter Parker and Steve Rogers. Oh yeah, do you find it funny that Deadpool is funding the Secret Avengers now and he's filthy rich? You'll see Deadpool has a serious arc in this comic and it's quite surprising!

Everyone knows that Deadpool might be the funniest person in all of comics, but Joe Kelly digs deeper and help us to see that he's also in a lot of emotional pain; that helps elevate the story.

This comic is so much fun, but doesn't ignore any personal issues that help make this standout much more than any comics I've read of lately. I still think (Scott) Snyder's Batman is the best comic to come out in a long time, but this is a close second!

In the third issue of this ongoing series, something unexpected happened and it'd made me look at someone in a whole new light. In just a few pages -- they displayed this series as something way more than just a buddy/cop pairing and now are exploring Wade and Peter actually becoming friends. It's still a blast to see them arguing over their ideologies of what it means to fight bad guys and who can deliver the better quip to one another.


Here's one story that hopefully will have you hooked by the end of it! Deadpool thinks they're working too hard and needs to take a break. So, he and Peter goes to a bar that he owns -- and Deadpool had set them both up with blind dates. Peter asked if that was okay since Wade is married to Shiklah. Deadpool explained that they both have a list of people that are considered a free pass to sleep with (Spider-Man is No.5 on his list!).

Lady Thor and Deadpool
Lady Thor and Deadpool

Of course, Deadpool invites Lady Thor and a beautiful woman for Peter (Peter is dressed as a black guy, because she likes black guys and she's vampire (?)). So, Lady Thor and Peter's date get into altercation and the only way to stop this bickering are for Spidey and Deadpool to have a dance-off! This comic cracks me up and it's truly something unique among all the other titles. There's a lot more, but you'll have to buy it to find out!


These are two of the most popular characters on the planet right now -- rightfully so! I left out a lot of the character development that make up this comic. Did you know that Deadpool hates Peter Parker with a fiery passion and wants him dead. I was very surprised how personal the story was for Deadpool and there will be a couple of times that will legitimately shock you.

Also, how it's kinda heartwarming seeing Peter staring to consider Deadpool a friend. Sadly, this is the only way we'll see Spidey and Pool teaming up for some time! I'm so happy that I bought this book and I can't wait to find out what happens next! (Marvel didn't pay me a dime to write this -- I just really love this comic book!) Thank you for reading and have a wonderful something!



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