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It's pretty cool to see a hero take out a guy his own size, but what's so super about that? The bouts that impress us the most are the ones that get messy, where the odds don't seem even, where there's a bit more to handle. The bouts that feature man versus brute! Let's look back on a few of the times that our heroes have proved to us that size doesn't matter.

4. Batman Vs Killer Croc


If anyone fits the description of a brute, then it's Killer Croc; an eight-foot "reptile man" with the strength to single-handedly crush a human skull. While outweighed and knee-deep in sewage, Batman has had no problem with going head to head with Croc in his own territory. Although this encounter takes a little more work than usual, Batman has actually been shown to be more than a match for the classic villain.

In a game constructed by Killer Croc, Batman was faced with a challenge. If he defeated his adversary in combat, then the lives of Catwoman and Talia al Ghul would be spared. If not, then you know, everyone dies. Batman came out the victor in this one, as he freed himself from the killer's grasp. Croc screamed "NO! Nobody ever broke my grip -- NOBODY!" and Batman replied, "That was your mistake Croc -- my name isn't 'nobody!'"

3. Punisher Vs The Russian

In Welcome Back Frank, Ma Gnucci sends in the Russian to do what she couldn't; kill The Punisher. Clearly, our favorite anti-hero was outweighed, but (arguably) not outmatched! Caught off guard in his apartment, Frank gets tossed around from wall to wall by the powerful Russian. Castle was able to get some good licks in, however their fight lasted for two whole issues!

Beaten to a pulp, the Punisher was thrown into the apartment of his neighbor, Mr. Bumpo, a 500-pound teddy bear who once had to have Frank yank him out of a doorway that he was stuck in. Noticing a hot fresh pizza on Mr. Bumpo's counter, Frank grabs it and tosses it into the Russian's face, blinding him in the process. Frank then sees an opportunity to trip him up, grab Mr. Bumpo, and smother his opponent with his fat neighbor. That's right. Frank Castle killed the Russian by smothering him with a fat man.

2. Old Man Logan Vs Old Man Banner

This has been a fan favorite match since before I was born. While their encounters are nothing short of messy, these two haven't often killed each other, because, well- they're unkillable! Or at least that's what I thought.

During Old Man Logan, our favorite mutant gets revenge on Hulk's clan for killing his family. During the battle, Old man Banner consumes him like a mid-day snack. Not long after, Logan bursts out of the old beast, proving to be more than a match for one of the strongest beings in the Marvel Universe.

1. Daredevil Vs The Kingpin

In the Bendis/Maleev arc Hardcore, we see a mask-less Daredevil standing over the Kingpin. Usually the crime lord is the last one standing with his fists bloodied, but not this time around. Tired of the same old routine with one of his greatest enemies, Daredevil decided it was time to make an example out of the city's most powerful crime lord. He decided it was time to claim what was rightfully his.

Blatantly outweighed, the man without fear showed everyone that size didn't matter. He confronted Fisk, and beat him within inches of his life, proclaiming that Hell's Kitchen belonged to Daredevil. This is what happens when a hero is on his last nerve.

In conclusion, being outweighed isn't the same as outmatched. Sometimes, old-fashioned guts along with a strong heart is all you need to defeat your giants. The heroes above have proved that time and time again.

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