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Do or do not, there is no try..
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We're coming to the end, as Arrow , DC Legends of Tomorrow and Flash begin to set the stage for the 2016 season finales. Let's examine where these great shows are at, as well as take a look at this week's CW promos.

The race of his life is coming..

There is no question that The Flash is the best show on DC TV right now. Last week's episode "Runaway Dinosaur" directed by Kevin Smith really set the show apart from everyone else. It was full of heart, and the ending set up what could be Barry's biggest test yet. Not only does he have to face off against ZOOM, but now he has to deal with the evil meta-human army sent from Earth-2 to conquer Central City. In the new promo, we see the drama build up for the finale, as well as the return of Katie Cassidy to the CW.

The fight against a hive, and a sorcerer with Thea's life in the balance...

There were a lot of concerns with this year's season of Arrow, but since the death of Laurel Lance/ The Black Canary- the show has really turned things around. Oliver and Team Arrow are up against a real supernatural force, as Damien Darhk found a way to channel the souls of tens of thousands who died last week in his attempt to destroy the world. They literally nuked a whole town, thanks to Felicity. This week, Ollie and Diggle find themselves in the utopia created by Hive to restart the whole world.

When Immortals are put to the test...

They took a cast of side characters from Arrow and Flash and turned it into quality television by taking us back to the past, and far into the future. DC Legends of Tomorrow crafted a window for us to get a better look at what makes each of these characters awesome, and have added another great team to the CW/ DC TV family. The season finale pit the team against the Immortal Vandal Savage one last time to save the future of the world.


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