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Just when I thought we were making progress in entertainment for gender equality, this happens.

Well, the super hyped Nancy Drew pilot everyone was so excited to see just got kicked to the curb, and it had NOTHING to do with the quality. Based on the novels of the same name, the show follows a strong and witty female detective who encounters the weird and strange when solving her crimes. The story was adjusted to fit current times, with Drew as a modern day NYPD detective. The pilot promised diversity in its cast, and it delivered beautifully, starting with casting Nancy to be portrayed by Iranian-Spanish actress, Sarah Shahi. However, none of that appealed to CBS, because apparently it didn't appeal to men. That's right, quality and audiences mean nothing to CBS if men don't approve. After rejecting the pilot, CBS flat out revealed why they did the latter, and it's truly disgusting. This is sexism in Hollywood at its finest, folks.

Sarah Shahi
Sarah Shahi

According to Deadline, reports say that while the pilot tested extremely well, CBS wasn't satisfied because it, quote:

"skewed too female for CBS' schedule,"

'Too female...'? Really? This rather horribly suggests that CBS has no care for accommodating female audiences as much as male audiences. There was simply too much girl power and diversity in the show for CBS to handle, so forget what audiences can. Speaking about audiences, they didn't react too kindly to CBS' 'too female' comments. The hashtags and trended on Twitter along with a slew of witty tweets hitting back at CBS, including the actress playing Drew, Sarah Shahi herself:

In a time when fans are crying out to the entertainment industry for diversity and more support for projects with women at the head, this really saddens me to hear. I am a HUGE fan of the Nancy Drew novels, and I would have loved to see a modern take on her iconic detective work, but alas, I guess she was too much woman for them. Don't lose hope though, the pilot isn't dead. Another network could STILL pick it up and embrace the girl power!

CBS also mentioned they didn't have a time slot available for the show, because they chose the Katherine Heigl lead drama Doubt, instead. Interesting. Well, meanwhile, you can focus your energy on some AMAZINGLY good and successful shows with females front and center, like Quantico, Scandal, The 100, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and so many more!


Do you think CBS made a big mistake?


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