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So I went into Money Monster not expecting much. I was a fan of Jodie Foster's previous directorial feature effort The Beaver, but there was a sense of mediocrity surrounding this film. Most were saying "eh" and "Inside Man done it better." Which, after now seeing it, I can accept those as fair criticisms. But, I must admit, I really enjoyed this film. Here's why:

In a nutshell, the story follows George Clooney who plays this television star who advises people on the stock market in a variety of entertaining ways. You know, because it's television. Gotta keep it interesting. Cue the rap song and the strippers! Dammit Clooney, dance. Dance, I say!

Sorry. I digress...

Clooney advises his viewers to buy shares for a massive company, next thing he knows, that company looses eight million dollars of investor's money due to a "glitch" in their algorithm. This is rather upsetting to most, but infuriating to one man. That man is played by Jack O'Connell who takes it upon himself to hold George Clooney hostage on live television in order to make a statement about how corrupt and flawed Wall Street is in the hopes to also uncover the truth of what happened to that eight-million. Clooney is aided by Julia Roberts who is the director of the program and the inevitable voice of reason for Clooney's talkative character. That's the story and, in terms of execution, I thought it was done really well. Was it groundbreaking or visceral or flashy? No. It was just good. Foster definitely shows her directing chops with this one, giving us a tense, tight, and well thought-out thriller.

All three of the main players bring their A-game, too. Nothing too specific can be said about their performances, other than they are believable. Again, not too flashy or unique, just damn good. One could argue that it's boring and we've seen it thousands of movies like this where it's "just good". I'm even victim of that when it comes to films like Eye in the Sky. I could care less about seeing that film, but I'm willing to bet it's pretty decent. And what makes me not bunch Money Monster into the same category as a film like that, is that it's fun. Sure, it can get a bit preachy at times with it's ham-fisted "Wall Street is dumb" soapbox crap. But, at the end of the day, I had a lot of fun with this movie. That's just my opinion. As a film on it's own terms, it's decent and nothing more. But again, it can be a good time if you go in with the right mindset. A mindset of: wanting to sit in a dark room with a crowd, eager to invest yourself in a two hour thriller starring George Clooney. That's what it is, and that's what you get. Don't ask for more. That's all you need.



If you've seen this film, which there's a small chance you have (since it's number two at the box office right now), what did you think? Yell at me if I'm right/wrong in the comment. But just remember, it's all opinions. My opinion. Your opinion. And, if you think I'm a cool dude, you can more of my work at these places:

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