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Game Of Thrones isn't one to shy away from controversial yet necessary moments and this week's episode was no different for Daenerys Targaryen, who had a massive game-changing moment in "Book of the Stranger". Not only did we see Dany emerge, unharmed, from the flames but we saw a new, confident Dany. In the world of Westeros and beyond, women aren't treated favourably, especially when in the company of large men. Dany herself was victim to several of the Dothraki traditions in the first season. However, in this episode - she highlighted her ability to hold her own and remain in control, despite the Khal's threats. This episode is a turning point for our favourite Khaleesi, as it shows that she is capable of more than sitting on a throne and commanding others - she has what it takes to deal with those who do not agree with her - those who stand in her way. What is perhaps the most thrilling thing about Dany's evolution is that tonight, she proved that she doesn't need her rich clothes (or any clothes for that matter, as she once again proved at the end), she doesn't need the riches, the guidance or even her precious dragons - she held her own against a group threatening to kill her. That sounds like a Queen to me.

HBO - Dany in the Dosh Khaleen
HBO - Dany in the Dosh Khaleen

Now that we've discussed the metaphorical transformation of Dany in this episode, lets talk about that moment. We all know that Dany is immune to the flames, we all saw the first season and "the unburnt" is part of her lengthy title that she recites at least three times a season, but despite all this - seeing her emerge from the flames was magnificent. It was like another re-birth for the character - just like the first season finale, Dany was reborn again, but this time she has become a warrior queen. Moreover, she's been given a tribe of followers in the closing moments of the episode, which leads us to believe that the Dothraki are now at her disposal.

HBO - From the ashes...
HBO - From the ashes...

Dany's rebirth and new army open up many doors for the character. However, there are a few questions on everyones lips: What comes next for the Mother of Dragons? We are assuming that she will first return to Meereen, but how will she react to the news that Tyrion has made a deal with the great masters in her absence? Moreover, how will Viserion and Rhagal react to their mothers return? To answer these questions - who knows what will come next for Dany, but one thing we do know is: now that Dany has an army, sailing to Westeros is most definitely in her near future.

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