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Dragon Ball Super episode 43 aired on 15th may and here’s the review.

Overall Rating: 7/ 10


As we know Dragon Ball Super is currently going through the in-between the arc episodes and this will probably continue till episode 46 before...

Future Trunks returns on Episode 47

I am really enjoying these slice of life types of episodes. Though there are some people who just want the action and serious stories. I think these episodes are very necessary. We need a break, we need refreshments and most importantly this type of episodes helps us to get more attached to the characters. And one of the reasons behind GT’s failure is they didn’t have too many episodes like this. And this is also the reason I didn’t like Dragon Ball Z Kai they cut out these things. However, this episode had decent animation quality with quite a few scenes that

will give you nostalgia.

Genuinely brings back the memories of the ‘Kid Goku‘ day. Obviously I am recommending you to watch it. (Unless you think ‘ GT ‘ is the best )

Dragon Ball Super Episode 43 Short Summary-

Goku went to visit King Kai because he was feeling weirdly weak. King Kai informs that he is suffering from "Late-Onset Turbulent Ki Syndrome". That is he doesn’t have control over his ki’s. And must restrain from training till he gets better! Otherwise he might never be able to fight or train again. Having lost the control over his ki he wrecks his house completely while trying to instant transmit himself back. So, Goku, Chi Chi and Goten decide to live in Gohan’s house till it gets repaired. Gohan and Videl is away to meet with an academic big shoot. Apparently Gohan wants to be his assistant. They left behind Piccolo to take care of Pan. Now since Goku and Chi Chi were there they could do it but Piccolo also decided to stay. However they fail to keep an eye on Pan constantly so she sneaks out and accidentally ends up getting in the Pilaf machine with the Pilaf gang. The Pilaf machine goes out of control and flies off into space. Pan suddenly powers up with a white aura destroying the ship. But amazingly manages to safely fly back to earth with the Pilaf gang. When Piccolo found Pan sleeping inside the house they all thought she was inside all along. Gohan returns home and tells them that he turned down the job so that he could get to spend more time with his family.’

Detailed Thoughts, Theories and Predictions:

The Goku and Bulma scene:

Goku being out of control accidentally instant transmitted himself to Bulma’s place. Just when Bulma came out of the shower with only towels on; as she was expecting Vegeta on the room you know for what. She saw Goku and screamed out loud. Vegeta comes in and becomes completely red! That’s the closest to kaio-ken you can get Vegeta! Goku’s line was amazing.

Goku: "I didn't come here on purpose! I wouldn't go through all this trouble just to see your wife's saggy-"

Looks like super is making Bulmas saggy boobs a running joke first Jaco and now Goku. By the way, Bulma it’s not like you have much to hide from Goku we all saw Dragon Ball. I wish super had that Dragon Ball level of censorship. Many of you have been asking why Bulma isn’t pregnant yet; we are supposed to get Bra. Well, here you go they were probably about to make Bra. Or Goku just stopped them from making Bra. Deal with it.

Piccolo, Goku, Gohan and Pan Character Analysis and Predictions:

Now, this episode had many cool scenes. I really loved when Piccolo and Goku with Pan were sitting on the roof top. Goku trying to make Pan call him grandpa. This episode reminded me so much of those Dragon Ball and Kid Goku days. I got a bit nostalgic. It’s like just few years I saw Kid Goku messing with the pilaf gang and now we here. Her granddaughter is the one who now plays with the Pilaf Gang.

Also about Piccolo- the green alien dude who just wanted to kill Goku. He is now here chilling with him in the rooftop taking care of Goku’s granddaughter and Daughter of the guy whom Piccolo built up to be a legend; Later destroyed by evil human influences. I just got to say this character development they did with Piccolo since the very beginning is so outstanding! I just loved that scene when Piccolo was just going away when Goku and Chi Chi came in and then returned again. This Piccolo really does care a lot about Pan right. Piccolo actually advised Goku to sing Pan to sleep and when Goku asked if he does the same Piccolo remained silent. Piccolo is going so out of character with this Pan thingy it just shows how much he cares! This Namek will go down in the history as the legendary father of the saiyans! If you want a Saiyan to be raised properly call Piccolo!

Gohan Dragon Ball Super Episode 43
Gohan Dragon Ball Super Episode 43

It has been long since people have been waiting to see Gohan back. However at the beginning of this episode we saw Gohan trying to become an assistant of an academic big shot. And he still has the nerdy getup. So you could say that weighs in the negative side of the ‘If Gohan will come back ‘meter. However, at the end of the episode it’s mentioned that Gohan didn’t actually take the job to give his family more time. So this could be slightly taken on the positive side.

Now in regards to if Gohan will return or not. I think for Gohan to return as a powerful character something has to happen right in front of his eyes. Like, he did train with Piccolo to prepare himself for future threats. But he is so fucked up that it didn’t quite work well. He needs a brutal motivation and something extremely bad has to happen that will unleash his inner rage. You know Gohan has this specialty when he gets really pissed off and angry he attains a different level of power. Rage brings the best out of him. Training doesn’t even stand as a factor in those types of cases. Like he did against Raditz and 99 other opponents! So since we have Pan who is getting active as a character. What if she is under threat or something bad happens to her right in front of Gohan? That should totally unleash his rage and the outburst could as well give him a new and powerful form. I imagine a scenario like this; Future Trunks will come and tell everyone about Black Goku. So every fighter including Gohan will start training. He will get back in shape but won’t be too powerful even after the training. When the enemy finally does something awful to Pan he loses it all and becomes a badass again. However, after watching this episode I also feel these types of scenarios might also affect Piccolo. I mean he was keeping up with the saiyans in the android cell saga. Like he became Super Namek on par with Super Saiyan; then he kept fading away. Is it too much to expect a new transformation from after this long break? I just don’t want to lose Piccolo or don’t want to see him become as irrelevant as the Z fighters are currently.


Dragon Ball Super Baby Pan Powers up
Dragon Ball Super Baby Pan Powers up

Anyway in this episode we got a WTF scene. Where baby Pan powers up with white aura and blows up The Pilaf Machine on space as she manages to fly. The pilaf gang actually holds on to her. She flies back them to safety and reaches back to her home. Oh boy! This girl is not only super powerful but extremely intelligent as well to return to her house from the outer space. Yes it does seem like an exaggeration. But then again the potential of each saiyans seems to be increasing with the generation gap. Like Goten and Trunks became super saiyans without any real efforts at all. So I’m ok with it. Besides the scene looked cool!

Baby Pan and The Pilaf Gang- Dragon Ball Super
Baby Pan and The Pilaf Gang- Dragon Ball Super

Another thing that I am wondering about is if this Goku’s problem with Ki was for this one episode only or if it will continue. It does make a lot of sense according to me. When we workout too much we get muscle pain. So similar had to exist with the use of ki. We know that the Kaio-ken over the god ki is actually a move Goku didn’t perfect and yet used against Hit under pressure. And thus he is now facing the consequences. How long will this last? Would it get better on the next episode we do have some ‘ Goku vs Copy Vegeta’ action waiting on episode 46. By the way, how would it be if Goku remains this weak even when Future Trunks arrives! What do you think about this?

What's your take on all this? Comment your opinion down bellow and on my YouTube channel!



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