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You can't throw a stick on the internet without hitting a theory thoroughly explaining who Negan killed and why.

I mean, you can't throw a stick on the internet anyway, but if you could, it would hit at least 3 of these theories before it hit the ground.

If the internet had a ground.

OKAY okay, sorry.

The theory that I speak of is this: instead of killing one of Rick's crew, Negan sets an example (a really strange one at that) and kills one of his own men.

I feel the need to talk about this for one reason; in damn near every “Who Did Negan Kill?” article, or poll, or whatever it may be, there always seems to be at least one dude who says this: “What if he killed one of his own men?” Or: “What a twist it would be if he killed one of his own guys to show how far he would go to...”

Blah blah get it.

Can you tell how I feel about this theory?

But the sheer volume of fans who think this is a plausible theory makes it a little interesting. Here are a few.

Sugardaisee's comment on Variety's article, ‘The Walking Dead’ Finale: Negan Makes His Mark in Bloody Debut (SPOILERS):

This “leak” may be a clue that it’s not Daryl or Glenn… I originally thought it was Rick because of the clues “treat them like family, because it may be their last day, or yours.” Thes things have been analyzed in the comments below: the skyline, the hair, the angle, shadows, sounds, etc. Trying to picture all that made me realize that it’s not a real person they’re hitting at all (of course because this is TV after all). They’re using Hollywood special affects, possibly having Negan hit an object with a camera in front of it and photoshopping the eye blinking. Not to discredit anyone’s analogies because it could be point on in really laying out where “that person” was sitting. My guess is Abraham, Eugene, Rick, or Mischonne by narrowing everyone posts. But a big twist would be if Negan used one of HIS OWN PEOPLE to show how far he’ll go to make an example. Like he has love for no one, not even his closest allies.

Simon Peter Thorpe's comment on Cinema Blend's article, What The Walking Dead Season 6 Ending Got Wrong:

Simon Peter Thorpe-
Why am I thinking its one of Degans own men, that he's killed?
Inexplicable Nuclear Balls-
Degan might have killed one of his own guys, but Negan definitely didn't.
Science Advisor-
He swung at someone that was kneeling, as the camera clearly showed when he made contact. So unless they retcon some BS fix, it was one of the major characters (probably Glen).

finneganm from says this:

In a shocking twist, he kills one of his own men.

Even a fella named Donald Sowers on one of my own articles agreed:

He kills 1 of his own men and blames their incompetence for all the dead saviors.

And an entire thread on Yahoo! Answers is devoted to the idea.

Now, I understand how unpredictable the writers of The Walking Dead can be. But can you honestly think of one good reason why Negan would do this, other than to just totally screw with the group?

Yes, Negan kills his own men on a occasion, but only if they fall out of line, and do something crazy like rape, or attempt to rape, one of the women in the community. Or bang one of Negan's wives. Ohhhh, he hates it when you do that.

Right, Dwight?

But why on Earth would Negan go to all that trouble catching Rick & Co., only to start off the festivities by whacking one of his own men?

Something else to think about is when he would be able to sneak one of his own guys into the lineup. There would have to be a few seconds that wasn't shown on the season 6 finale for him to do that.

I'm going to leave this to you guys to explain to me the why's and how's of this maddening theory in the comments.

Or you can just tell me about your favorite Transformer. Whatevs!


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