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Inspiring moments can be found throughout TV and film. Often, the very best of these, the ones that stay with us, are found in the films and TV series of our childhood. Below I will list some examples. Feel free to comment with more. All entries in this article contain spoilers.

Chuckie Conquers the Slide, 'Rugrats'.

A seemingly small moment compared to some of the others that will appear on this list, but inspiring none the less. In the early Rugrats episode 'The Slide', we learn that usual group 'fraidy cat Chuckie has always loved the slide, until he became trapped at the top of one meant for children much older than him. Now, he has developed a fear of all slides, even the small one in the local park that he used to love.

After some cruel taunts from Angelica, the other rugrats enlist Susie to help Chuckie overcome his fear. We cheer with the other kids when Chuckie does so, rediscovering his love for the slide, and earning a rare victory over bully Angelica.

Macie Sings 'Little Seal Girl', 'As Told By Ginger'

'As Told By Ginger' is often forgotten in conversations about classic animated series. A shame, as many of the issues it deals with are still relevant today.

In one episode, Macie, one of Ginger's best friends, wishes to sing her favorite song, 'Little Seal Girl', in the school Talent Show. Her friends initially try to discourage her from doing so, fearing that she will humiliate herself. Macie persists, so Ginger and Dodie agree to help with her performance.

While some do laugh, others are moved to tears by her performance. An inspiring moment that shows us not to hold back from something we love for fear of embarrassment.

Tommy Becomes The White Ranger, Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers

As fans of this series will remember, Tommy Oliver started out as the villain-turned-hero Green Ranger. Unfortunately, the powers of the Green Ranger were never meant to be permanent, becoming weakened and depleted each time Tommy morphed, until they were lost permanently.

Tommy had never let the knowledge of his increasingly limited powers stop him from using them to help his friends, which greatly impressed the Rangers' creator, Zordon. He eventually rewarded Tommy's bravery by using the White Light of good to empower him as The White Ranger, destined to become the leader of the team.

A memorable moment from many 90s childhoods.

Rescuing Christopher Robin, Pooh's Grand Adventure

The movie 'Pooh's Grand Adventure: The Search For Christopher Robin' is a personal childhood favorite of mine. Before his disappearance early in the film, Christopher Robin leaves Pooh Bear with this memorable quote:

"You are braver than you believe, Stronger than you seem, and Smarter than you think."

As it turns out, each part of the quote relates to one of Pooh's friends- Piglet, Tigger, and Rabbit. Each one of them struggles with doubt in their abilities throughout the quest to rescue Christopher Robin from 'Skull'. Unfortunately, Pooh misremembers the exact words of Christopher Robin's advice, with his attempts to encourage them only leading to disaster.

After reaching Skull, Pooh is separated from the rest of the group, who must unite to save Christopher Robin themselves. Forming a plan that utilizes each of their strengths, they reach the eye of the Skull and reunite with Christopher Robin.

Chuckie Stops The Wedding, Rugrats In Paris

After a memorable Godzilla inspired scene in which the baby-powered Reptar battles Robo Snail in the streets of Paris, the Rugrats reach Notre Dame, where Chuckie's Father, Chas, is about to marry the villainous Coco. Chuckie overcomes his fear just in time to burst in and stop the wedding, saying his first word in the process.


Ash Defeats LT.Surge, Pokemon

A particularly memorable moment, as this was the first time Ash truly earned a badge through victory in battle.

During the first battle with Lt.Surge, Ash's Pikachu takes the most serious beating that it had suffered so far in the series, unable to stand up against the increase in electrical power and sheer brute strength it faces in Surge's Raichu, which just so happens to be Pikachu's evolved form.

Surge advises Ash to evolve Pikachu before facing him again. Pikachu refuses to evolve, wanting to face Raichu again just as he is. Ash develops a new strategy, utilising Pikachu's speed. To Surge's great surprise, Pikachu quickly gains the upper hand over Raichu, who is too slow to catch it. Pikachu earns victory on it's on merits, never being forced to change.

Eliza Saves The Elephants, The Wild Thornberrys Movie

Towards the end of this film, Eliza loses her ability to talk to animals after she reveals it in order to save the life of her sister, Debbie. This presents a problem, as she can no longer warn a nearby herd of elephants away from the trap set by a pair of villainous poachers.

Still determined to try and help, Eliza soon finds her way onto the back of the Elephant leading the herd, and calling on some skills she learned in earlier episodes of the TV series, manages to steer it and it's herd away from the poacher's trap.

As a reward for Eliza's bravery, the shaman returns her powers.

The Earthlings Save The Day, Jimmy Neutron: Win, Lose, Kaboom!

In this movie length episode, Jimmy and his friends are forced to compete on an outer space game show 'Intergalactic Showdown', and informed by evil host Meldar that the home planets of all the losing teams will be destroyed.

Jimmy rejects the help of his team mates in the first two rounds, arrogantly believing his intelligence will help him win without them. Of course, he fails, relegating Team Earth to a definite underdog status in the game.

Having learned his lesson, Jimmy and his friends work together in the next two rounds, making a huge comeback to win the whole game. They then unite with the losing teams to defeat Meldar and end the horrors of Intergalactic Showdown.

Roo Saves Tigger, The Tigger Movie

All Roo wants throughout this film is for his hero, Tigger, to accept him as his little brother. An early attempt to impress Tigger by mastering his 'Whoop-de-Dooper, loop-de-looper, alley-ooper bounce' fails quite miserably.

Roo's attempt to stage a family reunion for Tigger also goes pear-shaped, resulting in Tigger rushing out in a snowstorm to search for his family tree.

His friends find him, only to find themselves caught in an avalanche. Tigger symbolically deposits his friends safely in the branches of his family tree, before being swept away in the snow. Unable to face losing him, Roo performs a perfect Whoop-de-dooper, loop-de-looper, alley-ooper bounce to save his friend.

"The Whoop-de-dooper, loop-de-looper, alley-ooper bounce. The more you try, the more you fly, and that's what really counts!"

The Pigeon Man Flies away, Hey Arnold

When his Pet pigeon, Chester, falls ill, Arnold must take him to the mysterious Pigeon Man for help.

While waiting for Chester to recover, Arnold slowly befriends the Pigeon man, who's real name is Vincent. Vincent has spent many years isolated on the rooftop with his beloved pigeons. Arnold eventually convinces him to come down and take a walk around the neighborhood, but they return to find the pigeon coop destroyed by vandals.

Vincent decides to leave town and find his true place in the world, but not before telling Arnold that he has restored his belief in good people in the world, and hopes to find another Arnold wherever he ends up. Arnold watches with a bittersweet smile as Vincent's Pigeons carry him off into the sunset.


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