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The untitled Wolverine 3 movie is now less than a year from its cinematic release, but not a lot of details have been given about the plot. However, when Hugh Jackman came to Comic-Con, knowing that a considerable number of fans were hoping to have a sneak peek at the movie, he didn't disappoint, telling them:

“I’ve got three words for you guys: 'Old Man Logan.' As I promised, this next time is my last time putting on the claws, it’s one last time.”

Jackman's confirmation of the Old Man Logan storyline was enough to thrill the fans, and since it will be his final performance as the regenerative clawed mutant, this might not be a bad idea for his third standalone movie.

Marvel's Old Man Logan is an eight-issue series created by Mark Miller and Steve McNiven. It was set in a future when territorial supervillains ruled over the United States. Aside from the confirmed storyline of the movie, not much is known about the film's premise, although producer Simon Kinberg has revealed that the film will be rated R, due to its violence.

Speaking of violence, here are three WTF moments from the Old Man Logan comics:

1. Wolverine slaughtered The X-Men

In the comics, it was recapitulated that the Wolverine façade died when the villains attacked and Logan refused to use his claws. It was then revealed, through flashbacks, that the night the villains attacked the X-Mansion, Wolverine killed all of them to protect the mutant children, right down to the last attacker (said to be Jubilee). However, it was then revealed that this was only an illusion and all of these "enemies" were in fact Wolverine's fellow X-Men.

2. He Decapitated Red Skull

After the undercover S.H.I.E.L.D. agents "killed" Logan, his body healed. He then found himself in Red Skull's trophy room, which was filled with the world's fallen superheroes' costumes. Without using his claws, Logan killed Red Skull by beheading him with Captain America's shield. He grabbed a briefcase full of money before drifting away, with the use of pieces of Iron Man's armor.

3. Wolverine Vs The Hulk

When Logan went back to his home, he found that Hulk's grandchildren had murdered his family while he was away, causing Logan to finally unleash his claws and slaughter almost all of the Banner family, before encountering old man Bruce Banner himself. Hulk was enormous, more than he ever was before, and he easily defeated Logan by consuming him.

But Logan convalesced inside Hulk's stomach before busting out, thus killing the green guy.

Those are some of the WTF moments from the Old Man Logan comic book series. While not all will featured in Jackman's 2017 film, expect the R-rated movie to be violent and gruesome, just like it's supposed to be.

What do you know about the Old Man Logan storyline? Did I miss anything? Comment it below and let me know. Thanks for reading!


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