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[Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) has now introduced us into Phase 3 of the MCU and with leaving an impact on the overall universe. The movie did an amazing job at giving all of our Avengers a great arc in their story but none were as big as Steve Roger's story. Of course I will be talking about events that happened in the movie so SPOILERS ahead, if you have not watched the movie yet go do so before reading this but if you have then welcome aboard.

The story Captain America has gotten in the MCU is by far one of the most superb ones done on the big screen. It's one many people would say is the perfect superhero trilogy. We got to see Steve Rogers before he ever became Captain America, then we saw how he felt after being Captain America, and it looks like now we see him abandon the title of Captain America. If you remember the end of the Civil War movie in the final emotional scenes for the movie we saw Iron Man battle it out with Bucky and Captain America. The fight ensued once Iron Man found out Bucky was indeed the murderer of his parents and of course Captain had to choose between two close firends. In the end Captain America chose his longtime buddy Bucky which left him with a hard decision, give up the mantle of Captain America by dropping the shield.

Yes I know what you're thinking and that's well that doesn't mean that Steve Rogers will stop being Captain America. The Russos however had a different way of explaining that scene in the movie and it actually makes a lot of sense. In an interview with Empire Anthony Russo had this to say about that scene in the movie

Dropping the shield is a rejection of the Captain America identity and a choice to embrace the Steve Rogers identity.

This could lead to us not seeing Steve Rogers be Captain America anymore in the future films. If that is the case however then who could be taking up the mantle of Captain America since heroes are now designated to work under goverment supervision.

We know that there have been various characters that have taken the role of Captain America in some way. The only problem with that is two of those characters who are in the MCU are definitely out of the question for taking the mantle. You have Bucky who if you've seen the post credits is cryogenically frozen once again and Falcon who just like Steve Rogers is a fugitive on the run. Will this mean it could be someone new entirely to actually take on the role of Captain America in future installments?

The real answer is probably not as we have a pretty jam packed third phase already and really not enough room to squeeze any new characters. It seems that we will probably get Captain America again sometime down the road in Phase 3 with Infinity War looming over the Avengers. It will have to be an event like this that will be needed to have the Avengers reconcile and assemble once more to save the planet from whatever that may bring. In the meantime we will just wait and see what Marvel may surprise us with in the upcoming movies for Phase 3.


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