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For decades, Steven Spielberg has been one of the most acclaimed and respected directors in Hollywood, so his opinion is always appreciated when it comes to modern cinema. Spielberg has yet to delve into the comic book universe as a director, but in an interview with Portuguese news site Omelete, he revealed which comic book film he thinks is the best.

I really like Richard Donner's Superman, Nolan's Dark Knight and the first Iron Man movie, but the superhero movie that most impressed me is one that does not take itself too seriously: Guardians of the Galaxy. When it ended, I left the cinema with the feeling that I had just experienced something new, free of cynicism and without concern for being gritty when necessary.

Spielberg's big stamp of approval is just the latest praise for James Gunn's already classic Guardians Of The Galaxy. The 2014 film received overwhelmingly positive reviews and went on to become one of the year's biggest money makers. Many critics helm it as the finest film in the MCU, whilst most of us agree, it's probably the funniest film and most unique film in the franchise.

When the film was first announced in 2012, many of us questioned Marvel's choice to adapt this fairly unknown and radically different comic book into a film before heroes such as Black Panther, Captain Marvel and Doctor Strange even hit the big screen, but as soon as Guardians hit theaters, we were all blown away. The film was hilarious, heartfelt and one of the most entertaining films of 2014.

What James Gunn and Marvel did was nothing short of remarkable, they transformed an majorly unknown comic book property into a beloved space opera, and fans now cannot wait for the sequel, the film also turned TV actor Chris Pratt into a global megastar.

Spielberg is right on the money with his comments, Guardians Of The Galaxy felt incredibly fresh and unique in the genre. A lot of our superhero films are bogged down with self seriousness and a gritty tone and whilst Guardians did take it's story and characters seriously and treat them with respect and actually have an emotionally compelling story, it was nothing but joyous.

Fortunately for Spielberg and the rest of us Guardians Of The Galaxy fans, the sequel isn't that far away. James Gunn is currently shooting Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 which is set to release May 5th 2017.

Steven Spielberg's The BFG opens on July 1st 2016.


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