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Most of us, if not all, loved [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409). I even see it as the best Marvel has ever given us to date. Good plot - check. Crossovers - check. Amazing comic book moments - triple check! Yet some might argue that the movie didn't make sense at some points regarding character motivations and the presence of some characters not necessarily related to The Avengers...with which I totally disagree! I stated in my humble review that the movie hardly fails logic-wise, but the points in question here are not really to tear the movie apart or to critically question its logic. Actually, these are purely out of fun...and the writer's 6 viewings of the movie.

Needless to say, SPOILERS ahead! Also needless to say, you should've seen the movie by now!

If Vision Can Phase Through Objects, Can his Clothes?

Vision can phase through things by changing the density of his body through the Mind Stone in his forehead. We pretty much know that. What we don't know, however, is how his clothes can do the same thing! Vis (as Wanda so casually calls him) is seen sporting some gentleman clothes throughout the movie, but in his first scene, he clearly phases through Wanda's room wall (not for his lack of manners) while wearing a shirt, vest, and pants. Are these super clothes?! Does that mean he can make anything he touches phase through stuff too? If so, can he do that with Mjolnir?! An indestructible hammer that can pierce through your heart like a knife in butter? That would make things a lot easier!

If Peter Has Had His Powers For Six Months, Then Was He Really Referenced In Ant-Man?

Peter Parker mentions to Tony Stark that he "has been himself for his whole life", but "has had these powers for six months". Which is cool, and explains why we didn't see him in previous movies. But there's this part at the very end of Ant-Man, when Falcon was pursuing Scott Lang, and the girl (read: crazy-stupid fine writer chick) giving him info tells him that there's a guy who "crawls up the walls" in the available options. Now that's definitely a Spider-Man hint...except that Ant-Man was in June of last year, that's 10 months before Civil War! Which means that Peter wouldn't have had the pleasure of meeting the radioactive spider at the time. Does that mean there's ANOTHER Spider-Man swinging around New York?! A Spider-Gwen maybe?!

We'll probably never know.

Would Daredevil Have Survived The Airport Battle?

As the Civil War writers -Markus & McFeely- explained, Tony Stark has been keeping tabs. So Tony probably has a list of remarkable individuals swinging/fighting/parkouring in New York. Which is why, with all his resources, he didn't just know about the existence of the crime-fighting-spider, but also knew who the kid under the mask was. But fans were fast to wonder why didn't Tony instead give a call to the arguably more experienced Matt Murdock to offer him to see..err..visit Germany? The logical answers are here, but the obvious reason why Matt wasn't there is because he would've most probably gone to the ground and needed Foggy to call Claire Temple for first aid before the fight got hot! Yes, Matt can probably hold his own for some time against Cap, but other than that, any Team Cap member would easily mess him up! This is not neighbourhood fighting, Matty! So until this paragraph is proven wrong in the MCU (hopefully in a future crossover!), then the point stands.

Besides, Matt would've probably flipped off Stark and told him that he didn't speak a**hole.

Did Tony Reveal Hawkeye's Family During His Visit To The Raft?

In Avengers: Age of Ultron, we met the Bartons for the first time. Of course, we were busy having no idea that they existed before because Nick Fury had helped Clint Barton -aka Hawkeye- to keep this a secret from S.H.I.E.L.D.. However, when Tony Stark pays a visit to his fellow former-Avengers (and Scott Lang) in the Raft prison, he asks Barton if he had thought about his wife and kids before choosing the wrong side, then AFTERWARDS he goes to talk to Sam -aka Falcon- and disables the audio in the Raft's security system. This means that Secretary Ross and, well, all the ones in the security room now know that Clint Barton has a family. Did the Bartons become a disclosed matter after Age of Ultron? Or did Tony just blow up the cover Clint has been maintaining for years? Will Hawkeye ever take his kids water-skiing? Another mystery of the MCU.

Which Howard Stark Was Exactly Killed?

When Steve and Natasha meet Arnim Zola's brain in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, we see a glimpse of a newspaper with the news of Howard and Maria Stark's deaths in a car accident. The Howard Stark pictured in that article was the one portrayed by actor Dominic Cooper (who portrayed Stark in Captain America: The First Avenger, and Agent Carter, the one-shot and the series). So? Well, we clearly see that the Howard Stark that died at the hands of the Winter Soldier in Civil War was the John Slattery Stark, who looks like this:

So why would the newspaper refer to a man recently dead by a picture of his younger self? Hmm. Perhaps that was Stark's own demand to look young and fresh even when dead? From Stark, that's very possible.


So, which of these incredibly intriguing questions do you find the most thought-provoking?


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