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Josh Canter

Last week, Game of Thrones teased us with an incredible flashback sequence that left us hungry for more. Bran witnesses the historic defeat of Targaryen kingsguard at the hands of his father Ned Stark's younger self.

But the Three-Eyed Raven, an embodiment of the showrunners themselves, pulls us away from the Tower of Joy before we can even say "valar morghulis," shrouding the goings-on at that tower in even deeper mystery.

While we (im)patiently wait for the Tower of Joy reveal that could be one of the biggest plot turns in the show's six-season run, one talented YouTuber has relieved our anxiety with a good bit of fun: Splicing lightsabers into the already epic showdown.

The familiar Star Wars sound effects and "Battle of the Heroes" theme from Revenge of the Sith makes this dual all the more entertaining. Without further ado, follow this link here to enjoy the clip in all of it's Force-filled glory! (the video embed has been disabled by the creator).

Game Of Thrones returns Sunday, May 22 with Season 6, Episode 5, titled 'The Door.'


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