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Matt Kranis

Author Roald Dahl's The BFG has been much beloved by generations of kids, so it only makes sense that it make the transition from page to screen. Disney's already released a teaser and an official trailer to director Steven Spielberg's film adaptation, but a new trailer drop over the weekend gives fans the first in-depth look at Giant Country, home to the Big Friendly Giant and his not-so-friendly family.

The new trailer opens on the giant's cavernous home, showing off the film's impressive effects as well as actor Mark Rylance's portrayal of the titular BFG. Child hero Sophie (Ruby Barnhill) begs the BFG not to eat her, a prospect he chuckles at. After all, he's not looking for food, just a friend. But their bond is sure to be challenged by the rest of the giants, who are significantly bigger than the BFG — and hungry for human flesh.

Previous sneak peeks of the movie displayed its impressive visuals, but this trailer really drives them home. Giant Country comes to life with vibrant colors and stunning computer effects, while the BFG and his fellow giants come to life in a way that blends realism with the fantastical. Disney proved it could use digital tools for unique storytelling with April's box office hit The Jungle Book, and The BFG looks to continue that trend.

The BFG hits theaters July 1.


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