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The episode was very uplifting and positive for the fans. It was a very satisfying episode.

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The internet GOT fandom seems to have reacted very positively to it.

On IMDB it got a rating of 9.5/10 based on more than 900,000 users.

Episodes 4 finally marked the first appearance of the legendary Lord Baelish on season 6. And like always his motives are unclear! But he with his tricks did manage to manipulate the little dumb lord Robin into lending support to Sansa in her plight up North. You know what the problem is with these boys who have been breastfeed for too long? They are crazy as fuck. Though Littlefinger made him his puppet but you never know when he will order something crazy. Especially since the scenario is going to make Sansa stark related with it; just stretching it a bit far then I probably should. What if this little weirdo actually agreed to help because it involves Sansa Stark? I will just have you guys reminded that getting back to someone by murdering them as a revenge for getting slapped; isn’t quite surprising especially when its from peoples who wants to see the world burn. But since the guy in charge here is the most cunningly intelligent Littlefinger this will be something interesting to look forward to.

I started my review fanboying over Lord Baelish and unlikely theories. But this episode actually starts with a very touching and satisfying scene; Sansa finally reunites with her brother Jon Snow. That scene where we finally watch Sansa riding into the courtyard of Castle Black and embracing Jon Snow was really emotional. The Stark Family was highly highlighted on season 1. And then gradually they all scattered apart with half of them being dead and the others got scattered. They’ve been through so much and finally a moment of their joy truly made the fans feel the same.

However, there wasn’t any Bran or Arya stark in this episode.

Meanwhile things are starting to get hot on Kings Landing. We all know something big is going to happen. The question is when that outburst will take place. The title of the episode ‘ Book Of The Stranger ‘ can be highly related with the conversation The High Sparrow had with Margery Tyrell. She also met with her brother who suffered so much that he just wants all this to stop and doesn’t care about anything else. The Highsparrow on one hand says very humble stuffs and on the other hand got loras rotting in the chamber for being gay. This High Sparrow character is just epic! The way he is playing with their minds it’s just next level stuff.

On the other hand, we have Cesrei who convinced the tyrells with their self interest of preventing the shame of walk from happening with the Queen and made them send their army against the high sparrow head on. Though the Tyrells have the second largest army on westeros; I can imagine the high sparrow outwitting them. Because currently they might have some people who are good battle strategist but they have no one credible enough to match the intelligence level of the high sparrow. He is in a way a first class hypnotizer. I fear he just sent red herring through King Tommen. I mean he obviously knew that this kid is going to share this information with others. About the walk of shame you never know what he actually has in mind. In any case, it looks like there will be a lot of blood shades and a big Civil war is going to start. In that case, he has perfectly set up a trap and is just for his enemies to fall in it.

Oleena Tyrell
Oleena Tyrell

Back in Meereen, Tyrion is playing mind chess with the slave masters. Though many fans might find it difficult to interpret what Tyrion is actually doing here. It is actually the best course of action for the time being. These slave masters only care about their self-interest and Tyrion is displaying their self-interest to them before anything and is trying to bring them as close to possible to what Tyrion wants indirectly. With each smaller peaceful agreement the masters are getting closer to defeat without realizing it. Tyrion certainly has cards up his sleeves which 99 other people would obviously find hard to understand. But I believe it’s going to pay off and that’s the best they can do before the Khaleesi returns with the powerful Dothraki army.

Meanwhile Daario Naharis and Jorah finally tracks down and attempts to save Dany. But the mother of the dragons doesn’t escape or run away from the Dothrakis. She already knows the formula of taming them. Just survive in the fire in front of them. So that’s what she does. She appears in front of Khal Moro who thought he would decide her fate and it ended up in a fiery show. She using the open flames burnt down the entire place with the Khal’s locked inside. It attracts all the Dothrakis. And she walks out unhurt and most importantly completely Naked. And just like the last time all the Dothrakis bows down and accepts her as the new leader after seeing her extremely hot body. However, I just hope that she will now clear thing up in slavers bay enough time wasted on that shit and will head for Westeros. About the fire scene in the books Daneries could only do it under the influence of Black Magic. But in the series it looks like they gave her that ability forever.

There was also a meaningless and brief Theon and Yara scene.. Blah blah blah.. Let’s unite is the theme.

Davos was finally inquiring Melisandre about Princess Shireen and then got sidetracked by Brienne’s. As she expresses how she took revenge by executing Stannis.

Ramsey kills Osha
Ramsey kills Osha

Meanwhile the writers made Ramsey kill Osha just to remind us how bad he is; I found that unnecessary. However, the pink letter he sent to Jon Snow. Spiced things up as he finally realized that they need to attack; as he was informed that now Ramsey has Rickon! Though the wildlings have only 2000 armies there are friends in the north that might join to help Jon Snow. Also Lord Baelish might be able to help them. This is going to be interesting. But I just don’t see Ramsey winning, he is overconfident and isn’t very calculative. The plot there is kind of predictable.

So, we have ‘ The High Sparrow vs The Tyrell army ‘

Tyrion has to keep things calm till the Khaleesi returns with her huge Dothraki army. So, then we will have ‘ Dany’s army vs The Slave Masters.’

And ‘ Jon Snow vs Ramsey Bolton’s massive war is building up.

What’s your take on all this?

Comment your opinion, theories and predictions down bellow.

Daneiris unburnt
Daneiris unburnt

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