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Now that we know there's a high chance of a 'Harley Quinn' movie taking off in the future, we're able to add more to the current DCEU films. From the second film, [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) to the third, Suicide Squad, we've the better chance to decode what is happening in this universe. In the coming of Suicide Squad, we can see the team of misfits fighting against foreign creatures. Yet, sometime during these adventures the Red Hood storyline could be taking place. Here's how.

We know that Harley reunites with Joker. As seen in the Suicide Squad official trailer and the Blitz-Trailer; the duo are together, trying to escape Batman.

In the "Death of the Family" storyline, the chase leads to the chemical plant. The same chemical plant Quinn is through into, right before Joker falls in to grab her out. In the comics, this is how she loses her pigmentation, bringing her to only have the pale skin-tone she has now as Harley Quinn.

And as shown, the purple is leaving his jacket and the blue from her shirt, along with the tone of her hair.

In the "Death of the Family" storyline, after Jokers "death", Quinn betrays the Squad. He then forces Quinn to disguise herself in his old Red Hood costume and trick Batman into coming to the same chemical plant. Not sure if this is the actual chase, due to her not being in the disguise; but we see Quinn falling, only for Batman to jump after her. Then pulling her out.

In 'Death In The Family' Jason Todd is killed by Joker. The suit hanging up in Dawn of Justice was Todd's Robin suit; as shown here. Recently, it was confirmed via Instagram that it was in fact Jason Todd's costume.

It's possible for these two movies to be connecting the Red hood story, while generating their own. There's also rumor of Eastwood either portraying Red Hood or Arsenal. We will have to see if these rumors pans out and where Batman fits into 'Suicide Squad,' which arrives on August 5th.

What are your thoughts on this theory?


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