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The Bat-Universe is Looking to do Some Big Things

Congratulations to Harley Quinn for getting a feature film. Like many many others I am a HUGE fan of the sexy psycho especially with Margot Robbie bringing her to life. But with that out the way, this is about Batman.

Where Ben Affleck's Batman May Find Himself

I don't know about you guys, but I'm both a little excited and depressed. Some weeks ago it was reported that the Batman solo film would skip the Red Hood storyline (I really wanted this to happen) in favor of an all out Bat-Villian brawl. The film is said to feature a number of villains and should introduce some Bat-Family to the big screen, this according to Affleck and Geoff Johns aren't holding back any punches they want to put the Bat-universe on the back of the first film. Now the time line is important in order to determine which members will join him. I'm no comic book expert, but I'd imagine that this dynamic duo may create something around the Hush story arch which features a plethora of villains and some of Bat-family.

A Little About 'Hush'

Hush follows the story of Thomas Elliot a childhood friend of Bruce Wayne who, unbeknownst to Wayne has a vendetta against him. With the help of his former patient Edward Nigma the two band together and wreck havoc in Bruce's life with help of some of Batman's worse villains. With that said below are the friends and foes who we yes we need to see in the upcoming Batman movie(s).

Who's In So Far?

Ben Affleck - Batman

Jeremy Irons - Alfred

Jenna Malone - Barbra Gordon/Oracle/Batgirl (one of them)

Jared Leto - The Joker

Margot Robbie - Harley Quinn

Killer Croc - Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje

Who They Need to Add!

Edward Nigma/Riddler- Sharito Copley

Riddler is a lot similar to the Joker, except with a background in science and some riddles. In Hush he plays one of biggest roles after using the Lazarus Pit to cure his cancer and learning the identity of Batman he teams up with his Doctor Timothy Elliot/Hush and they manipulate a number of Bat-foes to do his dirty work. Technically Riddler is truly the puppeteer while Hush is nothing more than a puppet.

Why Sharito? Well simply put dude can truly play a psychopath. District 9 as Wikus we a saw him transform from an Agent to an alien human bug thingy trying to save a race. As Murdock he was truly off his rockers in A-Team. But he was truly psycho as the intense merciless killing macho he Kruger in Elysium... Nuff said.

Thomas Elliot/Hush - Jason Clarke

The man behind the bandages is Thomas Elliot former childhood friend of Bruce Wayne who wanted to inherit the fortune of the parents he hated emphatically. Elliot tried to kill them and he succeeded killing his father. Dr. Wayne saved the life of Thomas's dying mother angering Elliot. After the Wayne's died Bruce inherited the fortune making Elliot jealous of Bruce. His jealousy forced him to seek vengeance against Bruce Wayne, years later after being presumed dead he teamed with his patient Edward Nigma.

Why Jason? He has an intense intimidating look in his eyes. He's been on an absolute role really playing in some good to great movies. He was also great in Everest as Rob the expedition mountain climbing group leader. Of course he was great in Dawn/Planet of the Apes as Malcolm. However one role was different and made him perfect for this. Though many people didn't like Terminator: Genisys SPILER! I thought Clark was excellent as the corrupt antagonist John Connor.

Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy - Elizabeth Banks

In Hush Isley is no longer Poison Ivy, instead she's a reformed criminal and purely human. That is until Hush creates a serum to restore her powers. She uses her powers to control the likes of Catwoman and Superman.

Why Elizabeth? Well, for one she's hella sexy, which is needed for Poison Ivy. Most importantly she can bring any character to life. In Man on a Ledge she plays a serious role as a negotiator but her role in Hunger Games is evident of her endless well of versatility.

Two Face/Harvey Dent - Kevin Spacey

We've seen Two Face portrayed in Chris Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy and again currently on Gotham. What we need is a full-fledged post political depiction of the DA known as Harvey Dent. In Hush he's more of a friend than for. Dent's face is surgically repaired SPOILER! Dent actually murders Thomas Elliot ending his reign as Hush.

Why Kevin? Forget about him as Lex (thought he was pretty good). The only reason you'll be asking is if you haven't seen Kevin Spacey act; especially in his most recent role as the evil politician Francis "Frank" Underwood. He's not exactly a crime boss, but man is he a manipulative, cunning, slimy politician. There is one scene where he goes a little coco which turned on that light bulb that follows me around. So yeah…Vote Spacey for Dent 2018?

Selina Kyle/Catwoman - Charlize Theron

Catwoman has been portrayed quite a few times. She's the on/off again cat burglar of Batman, who knows his secret identity. Hush sees Catwoman as an ally to Batman who falls victim to Poison Ivy potion. In Heart of Hush Catwoman was a victim of Hush with her life almost coming to a tragic end. There has to be a mash-up between the two to make up a great story arch for her.

Why Charlize? For originality I'd trade myself a C. Honestly I've seen about 20 actresses cast as Catwoman who'd be perfect. However none can top Charlize Theron's ability to portray the sexy, sly, smooth Selina Kyle. I only need to say Monster to justify this pic, but I'll go further. She's been heroic and powerful in Hancock, she's been a rebel and brilliant in Mad Max, and she's been sexy and sinister in Prometheus. Theron is a gifted vet who'd be a steal for Batfleck.

Jason Todd/Red Hood - Jack O'Connell

Jason Todd would be great for two reasons. 1. He's presumed dead during Hush, so having Clayface impersonate Jason Todd would further send Bruce into an emotional downfall. 2. Jason Todd's involvement will set up nicely for a Red Hood movie.

Why Jack? Dude is a pretty gifted actor. Todd needs to be hardcore a pure bad @$$ and able to play a vengeful former hero seeking retribution for his mentor leaving him for dead. O'Connell absolutely nails it as Eric Love in Starred up a young criminal whose violence forced authorities to move him in an adult prison where his father happens to be held. He was brilliant in that role, and from the trailer of Money Monster he's bringing much of the same.

Dick Grayson/Nightwing - Luke Pasqualino

Nightwing like the other Bat family members will be available for a helping hand. At some point he and Batman get wind of Ras being involved with Riddler's new bill of health. This would be a great time to introduce Nightwing who could and should be featured in his own movie, with Young Justice, and/or Spyral (fan cast coming soon).

Why Luke? Luke's resume isn't a lengthy one. In fact his most pivotal roles comes from BCC shows Skins and Musketeers. In Snowpiercer he was excellent as the tattooed knife wielding specialist Gray. I've said it a number of times, he's perfect and not a very popular fan pic thus giving him some uniqueness.

Tim Drake/Robin - Leo Howard

We really need to get this man some Bat-time. I've been waiting to see Tim Drake depicted on screen for the longest. Tim follows the death of Jason Todd. He realizes and tries to help Batman after he does off the deep end (like in BvS). He's much different from his predecessors in that he's as good a detective as Bruce. Spoiler! He discovers Batman and Nightwing true identity and of course becomes the 3rd RobIn.

Why Leo? Simple he's a legit bad @$$ dude is an @$$ kicking charismatic 18 year old action star in the making. If you haven't watched him on Disney's Kickin It as Jack then I'm sure you didn't catch him in the Blockbuster BUST Conan as the young version. Here you are a snip it of his awesomeness, oh and here is one more, okay okay I'm done, after this.

Other Villain(s) Whose Story Need to be Told

Mr. Freeze/Victor Fries - Ralph Fiennes

If Harley Quinn can get a solo movie Victor Fries should without question be featured. Motivated solely by his will to keep his wife alive he's willing to risk and do anything including working with Riddler. This story is one that could be emotionally gripping. There definitely has to be a Batfleck film telling the story of Mr. Freeze.

Why Ralph? We need a real, raw, emotional Mr. Freeze, a scientist whose at the end of his ropes trying to save the love of his life. His role in Harry Potter, was sinister like in Clash/Titans as Hades. He was funny in The Grand Budapest Hotel as Gustave. His range is fantastic. He's perfect.

The DCEU has gotten off to a rocky start, but they have a savior, Ben Alffleck. Ben Affleck has completely made himself a DC man. He's handcuffed himself to the Justice League movie. We all know why he did that. BvS was a critical disaster, he had been on a roll so he's surely not about to let Zach Snyder screw up again. Affleck will be busy for the next few years trying to be the savior of DC movie universe along with directing the JL movie he's taking the director seat for his Batman movie(s). Let's hope it all goes well and the Dark Knight can help DC rise from the shadow of Marvel.


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